Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adventures in Fatherhood

So yesterday I had President's Day off and had the kids with me all day. This can still be a little unnerving to me since I'm not too used to it, but we usually have fun. Our plans were pretty limited. We were going to visit Great-grandma while she played the piano at the Georgetown Hospital, and then we had to stop by Academy to exchange some things for Tiff. And do this by lunch to meet Tiff at home.

Asher woke up around 7:15 just after Tiff left and Aidan slept in until 8:30 which is great for him. They were both in good spirits and ate their breakfasts well. If anything breakfast has always been the one meal that they will eat.

We got to the hospital a little later than I wanted to and Aidan was playing shy. Aidan and I sat in a chair with Asher in the stroller near the piano. Great-grandma was happy to see them and played Aidan's favorite "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" when we got there. It took him a little while but he finally moved over to the piano and would hit a key here and there while Great-grandma was playing. Asher snacked on some raisins that I brought. She was more interested in the food then the music. We were there for about 45 minutes until the natives started getting restless.

We got through Academy fine and got Tiff her swimsuit and goggles for the triathlon that she is doing in June. She will be sooooo excited that I brought this up. We got home before Tiff, and I started to get lunch ready while the kids played. We all ate together and then Tiff had to go back to work. I laid Asher down for her nap, she has not been going to sleep well for the last 2 weeks. Aidan and I read a book and then started to dose on our bed. He eventually gave me that 'I want to go get into my bed' look. So we got up and tried to sneak into his room with Asher sleeping. She was asleep but as I tucked him in she woke up and was ready to go. There was no convincing her it was nap time. I laid her down and left the room. Well she proceeded to talk and play and jump around in her crib. And when she got tired of that she decided to hit the walls. So she would bang! bang! on one wall then bang! bang! on her crib and then bang! bang! on the other wall. It was so hard that I thought some pictures in the hall might fall off the wall. So I went in there to talk to her, and poor Aidan was laying there with a 'I'm tired and I can't get to sleep because my sister is going bonkers' look. I again laid Asher down and left the room.

Since I couldn't do anything else I decided to move along with my plans for the day. I wanted to get some fertilizer down and check the lawn sprinklers while the kids were 'napping.' I got all that done and was finishing up in the backyard when I heard Aidan screaming through the window in his room. I rushed inside, ran up the stairs, and into his room to find Aidan screaming (and I mean screaming) "MY BLANKETS BROKEN!!!!" He was sitting there with his comforter blanket in his hands that had come un-tucked from the end of the bed. For whatever reason he thought that it was broken. And with all the screaming I look over at Asher and she is fast asleep. Not even stirring while her brother screams at the top of his lungs. Remember I could hear Aidan from the backyard!

Well needless to say Aidan was done with his nap so he came down stairs with me and got to watch a little TV before Tiff got home. I had to wake Asher up so she didn't sleep too late. Maybe if she had gone to sleep when she was supposed to it wouldn't have been an issue. The rest of the evening was pretty normal; dinner, bath, bedtime.

Today was funny though. Tiff had left for her first triathlon class, again did I mention she is doing a triathlon in June, and I was with the kids until Grandma got there then I would leave to go to small group. I was talking to Aidan reminding him that tomorrow was Tiff's birthday. His response was "And I don't have to go to school." I explained to him that Tiff and I had to go to work and he and Asher had to go the school. Fast forward to when I get home that night and go up and say good night to him, and he asks me "but if we got to school how can we have mommy's birthday?" So I gave him the schedule; when we wake up we tell her 'Happy Birthday,' and we sing to her. "And give her spankings!" adds Aidan. The smile was a little too big when he said that. Then we had to go to school where I would pick him up to go to the store so he could pick out her birthday gift (yes on her birthday - sue me). Finally we would have Mommy's birthday. With a smile and satisfaction in the plan he settled down for bed.

Spending these times with the kids are moments that I cherish since I know a day will come (just like me to my parents - teenagers oih!) when they don't want anything to do with me. Until then I will be fixing broken blankets and holding mommy while Aidan gives her her birthday spankings.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heart Day the Buss Way

Asher with her card from Great-Grandma Gus that looks a little too much like her.

Matt and I had a great Valentine's Day. It's fun to think about how our Valentine's celebrations have changed over the 10 years we have been together. In the beginning, we were both working every Valentine's Day waiting tables and wishing we could celebrate. When we got real jobs, there were a couple of years when we actually went out, once to Hudson's on the Bend, and spent money we didn't have, but pretended we did. It was fun to go out to a fancy dinner, buy each other gifts, and even flowers. Once kids came along, we stopped going out to dinner and instead Matt made me dinner each year. He has made steak, shrimp, fondue, stuffed tomatoes, wonderful salads, and bought vanilla ice cream with chocolate hearts to name a few. He has even created menus of what that nights meal will include. It has always been very special. This year we are still trying to get out of debt, so we decided not to do actual presents. We did cards, as we always do, and then decided to make 5 coupons for each other. Matt was so creative and even drew a cute picture on each one using Aidan's markers, and then made an actual perforated "coupon" that detached from the sheet using an exacto knife. To others that may seem silly, but to me that just reminds me of how thoughtful and wonderful my husband is and how he is very creative. So, back to this Valentine's Day...

Since this was the first year that Aidan actually is getting the holiday stuff, we celebrated with the kids by having a bag with some goodies for each and a huge singing card. After breakfast we got ready and decorated some gingerbread cookies with frosting and red and pink sprinkles (Aidan picked gingerbread due to learning about the gingerbread man at school) and delivered them to Great Grandma Buss and Grandma and Grandpa Buss in Georgetown. Aidan loves "playing" the piano at Great Grandma's house. After naps and dinner for the kids, as well as a trip to the store for Matt, we put the kids to bed around 8. Then we finally started our Valentine's Day...

Aidan and Asher at Great Grandma's

Earlier, Matt had cooked some crab cakes and served them with a homemade cocktail sauce while I was feeding the kids so I wouldn't be starving. First we exchanged our cards and coupons. This will now be a Buss family Valentine's Day tradition. It is what it is all about! We made the coupons for things we knew the other would really appreciate. One of mine was to clean out both cars for Matt, and one of his was to bring me lunch up at school. They were thoughtful and really fun and best of all FREE! I loved it! Then together we prepared this awesome chicken Parmesan with fresh mozzarella cheese and kalamata olives. It was wonderful! We ate our yummy dinner in the living room and watched Definitely Maybe, a really great movie loaned to us by my brother Jake, the movie guru. I actually stayed awake for the WHOLE movie, which is actually a miracle. It was a really great night, and the kids actually went to bed pretty well and stayed asleep once we laid them down which was huge! We discovered today that Asher is cutting all 4 of her canine teeth, which explains the past week and a half of very fussy baby and bedtime struggles.
In closing, I love my husband. I love not having to do some fancy schmancy Valentine's Day thing. To us it is special being low key, yet very thoughtful, and having a fun night together. Hope you all had a great heart day too...


Friday, February 13, 2009

A Funny Little Prayer

Aidan has been saying he is scared to go to sleep sometimes. I really think it is more of I don't want to go to sleep, and this is me trying to buy more time, but who knows. I tell him Jesus is always with him, and he doesn't need to be scared. So this is how our little prayer went the other night:

Mom: "Jesus, please help Aidan go to sleep and help him have sweet dreams about chocolate and Momma (he always says he is going to dream about momma, and he gets a huge smile on his face when I mention the chocolate).

Aidan: "And pray for Jesus to make a light."

I love how kids are just to the point. Love you Aidan, and yes, he has a nightlight! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We're Expecting!!!

We are expecting a new addition to our family pretty soon. We are not sure if it is going to be a boy or girl, and we don't know what the name will be yet. Aidan and Asher are very excited.

That's right, we are going through the process to adopt a golden retriever from Gold Ribbon Rescue here in Austin. So pretty soon we will have the new addition of a golden retriever to add to our family. We sent in our application about a month ago, had the phone interview, and had the home visit last Saturday. Asher will be so happy when she gets a big dog to play with. The lady that did the home visit brought a 4 year old male of hers named Jake. Betty tried to play but wasn't sure how, Fonzie did what he does and ignored everyone, Aidan was excited but spent more time playing by himself, and Asher was excited too but reluctant to pet the dog.
We are looking for a 2 to 4 (maybe 6) year old dog. There is no preference to male or female. The dog has to be great with little kids and other dogs. I am really hoping that the dog will really connect with Asher and that they have a great bond.

Now we are just waiting to here from the matchmakers to talk about the exact kind of golden that we are looking for. Then when we think we have one all of us, including the dogs, go and visit the foster home to see the dog. If we want to adopt the dog and it is in Austin then we have to wait until the next day. If the dog is in San Antonio then we have to leave the foster house for a little while before we can take the dog home. They do this so you don't get all wrapped up in the emotion and the big brown doggy eyes staring at you. In the end the foster parents make the decision. We will keep you guys updated at we continue with this process.
By the way, the picture above is Tiffany pregnant with our first, Aidan. It seems like it was a lifetime ago.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Separated at Birth?

Check out these two pictures. Aidan has way too much hair on his head, and it reminded me of Eric from 'That 70's Show.' The picture of Aidan probably doesn't do it justice. He is getting a haircut this afternoon.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Funny Phrases of the Day

Well, my kids have made me laugh and smile many many times today. Here are a few highlights:

"Mommy, would you like it if I hugged you twenty-one hundred times? (Are you learning that in school??)

While reading his school books - "This is a period. It means it's all done!"

Then when he went to bed, Aidan said he need to show me something. Bedtime has been a little hard lately, with lots of drinks and whining from both kids, but not tonight. He pulled the corners of his mouth and made a huge funny face! Then he wanted to show Daddy. I'll take funny faces any night. What a great way to end the day!

Aidan, you are such a cutie patootie! xoxox

Ashie is now saying duckie and doggie pretty well. She was cracking up tonight "walking" the dog which really meant her holding the leash and me holding it a little higher up. She thought she was tough stuff! Aidan walked and ran Betty like a pro!