Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our New Addition!

Well, we've joined the ranks in becoming the all American minivan driving family. As Matt pointed out we traded in the "car we brought our babies home from the hospital in", our 2003 Mitsubishi Galant, for a 2003 Ford Windstar. We are pumped about having some room and having a place for Uncle Kaleb to sit when he comes to vist. The cool thing is that we don't feel like we signed our lives away like we did with the Galant because we for once in our lives bought what we could actually afford..... It does feel good....
On Saturday I also was offered a job teaching 3rd grade at Old Town Elementary in Round Rock! So, instead of driving 17 miles to work each way, I will drive 6! I am sooooooooo excited! I was talking to the principal at the school closest to my home, but she just wasn't sure if there would be an opening, so Matt and I decided to go for it with this other school. It is an awesome school. We even took Aidan to play at the playground at "Mommy's new school" today after church. I am very very excited but also nervous! This weekend was very busy but wonderful. My highlight though was eating cereal with Aidan last night at about 9:00. After a long day while I was tucking him in I asked if he was hungry (he never says yes!) and he said he was.... So, I was too and I made us 2 bowls of cereal and it was a wonderful end to our evening!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Before the Easter post, here is one last St. Patrick's day picture that was so cute! Aidan was on a sugar high and had a nice blue tongue after he had his Easter egg hunt at Miss Claudia's on Thursday. Asher left early to go to the doctor so she missed it. She weighs a whopping 16 pounds, 5.5 ounces. She did have to get 5 shots though and screamed her little head off. :(

Aidan loved coloring the eggs! He also listened really well in this video...

Asher liked to hold and then drop this egg. We still dyed it though and then covered it with stickers.
They both like sitting next to each other. Asher always laughs at big brother and Aidan likes to entertain Sissy.

Doesn't this show the true joy of being a little kid? Or does it look like he is going to do something naughty??? He loved coloring the eggs!
Good morning and Happy Easter!! I can't believe the Easter Bunny came!!
Smile Sissy! Mommy wants to take another picture! Happy first Easter Sissy!

Asher and Daddy looked so cute together at church. They both look great in yellow!
Aidan had so much fun looking for eggs at our house and then at Grandads. He wasn't even as interested as what was inside, he just wanted to fill up his basket. Asher liked watching big brother.

Asher was giving away lots of smiles today. She looked so cute in her pink bunny onsie and polka dot pants from Meme. Aidan wanted to change into "soft pants" as soon as we got home from church, so on went the sweat pants.... Just like Grampy! We had a nice dinner at Grandads and Miss Gerry's and Great Grandma Buss and Grandma Buss came over too.

We had a great Easter. Aidan was a lot of fun this year and knew the real reason for Easter and also enjoyed the Easter Bunny part. Asher seemed to like to watch big brother run around and search for the eggs.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Twas the Night Before Easter...

What a great day we had today! Aidan and Asher had their first pictures taken together. That is usually never fun and takes a long time - but the kids were wonderful! They both lasted the entire time without a breakdown. Tonight was so fun! We dyed Easter eggs, including the one Asher was chewing on and dropped on the floor. We just covered that one with a bunch of stickers. The best part, though, was when we were talking to Aidan about the real meaning of Easter after Asher went to bed. This week we have looked through an Easter box with little items that tell the Easter story. We were supposed to wait to finish it tomorrow, but tonight when we stopped he cried and cried to do the last one and to "do it again!" so we did. We talked to him about why Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins. Then we talked about how Jesus rose from the grave on Easter Sunday and now we can live forever with Jesus someday! We asked him a lot of questions and the answers we got from our almost 3 year old told us he really did understand what Jesus did and that Jesus is always in our hearts! I am so thankful that our little boy loves Jesus! We will hopefully post Easter egg pictures soon.....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I love having redheads! Yes, I am Irish. Aidan's name even means "fiery" in Gaelic. The kids were dressed in green yesterday for church - Aidan wearing his "If you think I'm cool you should see my dad" shirt and Asher was wearing her green and white shamrock dress from Meme. They looked adorable! Today they are dressed in green again, down to Aidan's leprechaun socks from Meme (yes - he likes crazy socks just like I do!), and Asher's kiss me I'm Irish onsie.

Here is a cute clip of Aidan and Asher and then one of Aidan telling Daddy something very important!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

At the Park

I took the kids for a picnic lunch at the park on Friday. It was 90 degrees out and I even got a little sunburned. We had a great time. Aidan was a big boy and went down the slides by himself. He also had a fun time pushing Sissy in the swing. It is really cute when they both swing in the same swing together, but he wasn't up for it that day. What a great spring break we've had!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Date Night

Matt and I went out without kids for only the second or third time since having Asher. It's nice to wear a skirt and lipstick every once in a while. We definately need to do this more often and we do have such a good time spending time together. We went to Cool River courtesy of Jake's birthday present to Matt. The food was great and we had a great time. We didn't even talk about the kids to much....

Now speaking of kids - It would seem like with the second one you would remember all of the "tricks" you did with the first one. Well- Asher only nursed 4 times today which is a whole lot less than normal. Since she is eating solids along with the lovely effect the time change has had on her schedule, she just was not all that hungry today for milk. She ate her solids well though. I just don't remember Aidan not wanting to nurse. I guess it will just take time to figure out the new and revised "schedule." :) We also don't remember how we moved from the swaddle phase to the not swaddled phase either. Right now Asher isn't bundled for the first time at night and seems to be sleeping good. The past week she has just not been all that settled at night. I really wish I had a better memory sometimes on what we did with Aidan!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Recent Pictures

We were leaving for Miss Claudia's on "hat day." Aidan does not wear hats very often, but he likes his hat from Uncle Zach and wanted to wear it.

Happy 29th Birthday Daddy! We celebrated with a cheesecake, Daddy's favorite!
Aidan loves to go in Sissy's crib and act like a baby!
We doggy sat the Shock puppies while they were on vacation. Aidan was very sweet to the puppies and liked playing with them outside.
The kids share a room and like playing in there together. I think they both sleep better when they are together.
Matt and Aidan really look alike in this picture.
Asher is such a big girl in her booster seat. She is eating rice and barley cereals, peas, squash, and pears and loving it!

First Blog

Aidan, Asher, and I have had a great spring break this week! We've played a lot at home, slept in some, played outside, and went to the park. I love staying at home with my babies whenever I can! I can't wait until the summer! I am so amazed at how well Aidan has done with the transition to being a big brother. He never went through the jealous phase and really loves her so much! She gives him huge smiles!