Friday, March 14, 2008

Recent Pictures

We were leaving for Miss Claudia's on "hat day." Aidan does not wear hats very often, but he likes his hat from Uncle Zach and wanted to wear it.

Happy 29th Birthday Daddy! We celebrated with a cheesecake, Daddy's favorite!
Aidan loves to go in Sissy's crib and act like a baby!
We doggy sat the Shock puppies while they were on vacation. Aidan was very sweet to the puppies and liked playing with them outside.
The kids share a room and like playing in there together. I think they both sleep better when they are together.
Matt and Aidan really look alike in this picture.
Asher is such a big girl in her booster seat. She is eating rice and barley cereals, peas, squash, and pears and loving it!

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Jada Shock said...

Tiff! How fun to see all your pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Love ya,