Friday, February 18, 2011

A blinged out Fonzie

This is Asher playing dress up with Fonzie....

Firehouse Birthday Sub

My Dad and my brother Zach met Ash and I for lunch today for my birthday. It was yummy! He even decorated a fireman's hat for me. :) I did put it on for a picture, but Ash was having no part in wearing that hat!

Grandad wearing the hat trying to get Asher to wear it.

My princess and me

Happy Heart Day!

Once you have kids, Valentine's Day takes on a whole new spin. It's more about family time, with a yummy homemade dinner made by my husband thrown in. This year he made lobster tail, goat cheese stuffed tomatoes, and sushi (ok - he didn't make that but he bought it and I was soooo excited!). It was delicious! We had the table looking festive when the kids woke up and gave them heart shaped banana bread for breakfast. Aidan also had a heart shaped sandwich for lunch. I loved the homemade cards my kids gave me - the cutest!! And Aidan picked out a little pink doggie for me, a brown doggie for daddy, and some candy for sis when he was out with Grandad one night. That was a sweet surprise! A lovely low key day, just the way I like them!

Aidan and Asher made each other Valentines. This is Aidan giving Sissy hers - he make it all my himself and wrote, "To my little princess..." Awwww!

The hug after the exchange.

Aidan and his heart day loot.

Asher and her candy

This is Aidan sitting at his table during his Valentine's Day party. I brought Asher with me and you would have thought she was part of the class. She was such a good girl!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Little Sluggers

Here is a picture of Asher with her new pink t-ball helmet. Does it get any cuter than this?? She also has a pink bat, pink and purple glove, and pink and purple ball... which she picked out herself.

And here is Aidan when he was 4 playing t-ball. He was adorable too!

Packages from Meme

My mom is the absolute BEST at care packages. She has been sending them to me since I moved to Texas, for over 12 years. Not just once a year on Christmas, but whenever she sees something she thinks I'll like, or something we need, or just a note to say I love you. She even sends the kids money for the ice cream truck in the summer or dinner money for Matt and I. As far as my mom goes, I hit the jackpot. Here are a couple of pictures of packages from Meme. They know her packages because they are usually covered with cool stickers. They LOVE them!!!! Thanks Momma!!!!

Dear Baby (3)

Dear little one,
Mommy is starting to feel more like I have a baby belly rather than just a chubby belly! And people are starting to notice my baby bump too. :) Your daddy was able to feel you kick for the first time on February 10th. He is really patient and just kept him hand on my tummy until you made your move. He loves to feel you kick! I can't wait for the first time your brother and sister feel you move. They will LOVE it!! And I can't wait to feel the hiccups. Your brother and sister had them all the time when they were in my tummy! Only a couple of more weeks until we find out if you are a boy or girl!
Love you sweetie,

Mom's Banana Bread

I am so grateful to have been raised in a family that has taught me how to cook and have a mom and grandma that taught me how to bake. I loved helping my Grandma Darmon smash bananas and help her bake banana bread. And I absolutely LOVE coming home to fresh made banana bread at Mom's. I hope my kids remember me making it as well. Here is the island in our kitchen right now. A triple batch of banana bread about to go in the pans as gifts for Aidan's teachers and breakfast for the kids and Matt.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Silly Ashy

Here are a few cute pictures of Asher. In the first two she was saying goodnight to us cracking us up with her new silly moves.

And this is how she is sleeping right now....


Fonzie is our 11 year old Chihuahua. Matt and I bought him right after we moved into our very first apartment. He was so tiny!!! I remember that when he would eat his back legs would come up off the ground because he head weighed more than his body. He is definitely getting older, and had a rough transition into our new house. He had 3 seizures in one day, which is not normal even for his epilepsy. He usually has less than one a month! And he stayed in his cage for days and days and didn't want to do much at all. In the midst of all this he broke his toe, which made him look absolutely pathetic when he limped everywhere! And then today.... I heard a dog playing and thought it was Betty, our other Chihuahua. Well, it was actually both of them playing together!! Fonzie hasn't played in MONTHS, in fact I can't remember the last time he did. I was able to snap a picture of him with his favorite green mouse. It's good to know he is finally settling in and feeling at home. :)

And here is one more picture of Fonzie. He was mad at Matt for some reason, either he didn't want to go in his cage or wanted another drink or something, and he ended up jumping in the toy basket to "escape". Sadly, he couldn't get out, but Matt came to the rescue. :)


Just a sweet picture of Aidan playing.... I love you buddy. xoxox

Annual Chuck E. Cheese Valentine's Day Party

Daddy was able to work from home this morning and stay with Aidan while Asher and I went to the Valentine's Day party at Chuck E. Cheese with some ladies from church. It is so fun every year and I am so blessed to be a stay at home mommy and bring my kids to fun things like this! It was strange not having Aidan with this year though. We missed him! Asher did have a blast, ate a lot of pizza, played a lot of games, and won a lot of tickets which she used to buy candy for herself and bubby. And she also received some sweet valentine's from her friends.

Asher won 40 tickets on this game! She was SOOOOO excited!!

Remember the creepy teletubbies??

Asher on the merry-go-round

Bob the Builder

Pizza time! She ate 4 pieces of pizza which was exactly half of the pizza we ordered. I am amazed every time she actually eats since it is a rare occurrence!

She surprised me when she wanted to play the car driving game. She steered the entire time going backwards down the track but she had no idea and had a great time!
Sonic the Hedgehog


I loved the fact that she is not all about winning tickets yet. She mainly played the games you ride and loved them!

Valentine's Day Dance

Aidan's school has a Valentine's Day dance every year. He was sent home with a fever and in turn strep throat so no dancing for Aidan. What I didn't expect was for Asher to be upset when she found out we weren't going to the dance. She said, "How am I going to get to dance?" Aidan could have cared less and was probably secretly grateful. :) So I decided to call our friend Paula whose sweet daughter Angelina also goes to school with Aidan and see if Ash could tag along as "little sis" for the night. She did and she had a blast!

Ash looking cute and ready to dance! I even put a little make up her... She LOVED that!

Mommy putting her sticker earrings on.

Do I look beautiful Daddy?

The girls ready to head to the dance.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Couch Time

My poor Aidy has been sick so many times this year! I guess all those germy, boogery, coughy kindergartners just keep spreading the sickness around. Daddy has been sick this week too with fever, cough, chills, and sinus stuff.... I guess Aidan must have caught that. I got a call from the nurse around lunchtime that he had a fever of 101.6 and needed to come home. Poor guy. So here is a picture of my 2 kiddos on the couch, Aidan not feeling well at all and Asher resting since the doctor's appointment I was able to squeeze into is right in the middle of nap time.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A sweet day with Asher

Ash and I were rushing to get out of the house this morning to make it to Bible study without freezing our buns off this morning. When we got there there were hardly any cars parked and lots of prime parking spots were left so I knew something was wrong. It was cancelled.... So, since we were close to the library we decided to go in and get some books. Asher had a great time playing on the kids computers. It amazes me that she can use the mouse and "play" the games. After that we were able to go to the Valentine's party at the library which was really fun too. They read about 5 stories to the kids and then there were lots of snacks. Asher's favorites were these giant spiral Cheetos which she devoured, and the blueberries. She even got a bag of valentines. We checked out a bunch of books, Bernstein Bears being the favorites, and a few movies, Backyardigans topping that list, and headed back out to the cold. Then we decided to eat lunch together at Which Which while we waited for Aidan to get out of school for early release today. What a fun day with my girl!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Baby (2)

Dear Baby,
Your Daddy is not feeling well. He is running a fever and has the chills. I hate it when he is sick! I want you to know that your Daddy is such a wonderful husband and father and is so helpful and hands on with your brother and sister and does so much around the house. When he is sick it makes Mommy realize how good I have it being married to your father. He really is amazing. When you were making mommy very sick in the beginning of this pregnancy, he just took over. I am glad I am feeling better and able to help take care of him some now. I also cannot wait for that moment when he meets you little one. I just can't wait.

Hairdressing Fun

Asher doesn't ask for her hair done much, but when I want to do it she will definitely still let me. I love that about her! Well, today she decided she wanted to do her hair and mine and here is the final product.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Baby

Dear little one,
I really can't believe I am going to be a mommy for the third time. It doesn't seem real! But your big brother and big sister truly make it seem more real and extremely joyful every time they kiss and hug and talk to you in my belly, which they do each and every day!! You are going to be loved so very much and we can't wait to meet you. This is my first letter to you. I wanted to write this time mainly to tell you I can feel you moving! I always have a little trouble really knowing if it is really baby moving, but since February 2 I have been feeling the same sort of butterfly flutter feeling in my tummy and I am pretty sure it is you! This is my favorite part of being pregnant and I cannot wait until you are big enough for Aidan and Asher to feel you kick them and Daddy to listen to your heartbeat in my tummy. I love you sweetie.

Snow Day

Our kids LOVE snow. They have had the joy of really being able to play in a lot of snow since they were babies at Meme and Grampe's house in Illinois. We also take every opportunity Texas gives us to play in the snow here. But this seems to be the best snow I can remember as far as fun factor for the kids here at home. Aidan was so excited when Daddy showed him the snow this morning out our window! We ventured out right when we woke up and played with Daddy outside. It was neat seeing the other families from our cul-dec-sac out and meeting some new people we haven't met before. Then we ate breakfast and headed back outside. After a little hot chocolate and a movie to warm up we headed back out when Grandad came over to play with the kids. Aidan's favorite thing to do in the snow was to eat it, and lots of it. Asher liked playing with the broom and brushing off the cars/driveway. It was really cute since the broom is at least twice as tall as her. They had a blast on the Big Snow of 2011. :)

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kid's Activities

Matt and I are going to sign Asher up for t-ball this spring, mainly because can you imagine anything cuter than an adorable 3 year old girl running around the bases? :) We didn't sign Aidan up at 3, but Asher seems excited and she knows a little about it from watching Aidan. We gave Aidan the choice of what he wants to do and he said, "Swimming because I want to learn how to swim without floaties, and karate because I want to learn some more moves!" Well, karate and swimming it is!

Princess Girl and her "king" Batman Boy

I am glad Asher is now into dressing up. It is beyond cute to watch. And Aidan was her "king" today.... Love it!