Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Baby

Dear little one,
I really can't believe I am going to be a mommy for the third time. It doesn't seem real! But your big brother and big sister truly make it seem more real and extremely joyful every time they kiss and hug and talk to you in my belly, which they do each and every day!! You are going to be loved so very much and we can't wait to meet you. This is my first letter to you. I wanted to write this time mainly to tell you I can feel you moving! I always have a little trouble really knowing if it is really baby moving, but since February 2 I have been feeling the same sort of butterfly flutter feeling in my tummy and I am pretty sure it is you! This is my favorite part of being pregnant and I cannot wait until you are big enough for Aidan and Asher to feel you kick them and Daddy to listen to your heartbeat in my tummy. I love you sweetie.

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