Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Heart Day!

Once you have kids, Valentine's Day takes on a whole new spin. It's more about family time, with a yummy homemade dinner made by my husband thrown in. This year he made lobster tail, goat cheese stuffed tomatoes, and sushi (ok - he didn't make that but he bought it and I was soooo excited!). It was delicious! We had the table looking festive when the kids woke up and gave them heart shaped banana bread for breakfast. Aidan also had a heart shaped sandwich for lunch. I loved the homemade cards my kids gave me - the cutest!! And Aidan picked out a little pink doggie for me, a brown doggie for daddy, and some candy for sis when he was out with Grandad one night. That was a sweet surprise! A lovely low key day, just the way I like them!

Aidan and Asher made each other Valentines. This is Aidan giving Sissy hers - he make it all my himself and wrote, "To my little princess..." Awwww!

The hug after the exchange.

Aidan and his heart day loot.

Asher and her candy

This is Aidan sitting at his table during his Valentine's Day party. I brought Asher with me and you would have thought she was part of the class. She was such a good girl!

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