Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

Our kids LOVE snow. They have had the joy of really being able to play in a lot of snow since they were babies at Meme and Grampe's house in Illinois. We also take every opportunity Texas gives us to play in the snow here. But this seems to be the best snow I can remember as far as fun factor for the kids here at home. Aidan was so excited when Daddy showed him the snow this morning out our window! We ventured out right when we woke up and played with Daddy outside. It was neat seeing the other families from our cul-dec-sac out and meeting some new people we haven't met before. Then we ate breakfast and headed back outside. After a little hot chocolate and a movie to warm up we headed back out when Grandad came over to play with the kids. Aidan's favorite thing to do in the snow was to eat it, and lots of it. Asher liked playing with the broom and brushing off the cars/driveway. It was really cute since the broom is at least twice as tall as her. They had a blast on the Big Snow of 2011. :)

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