Friday, February 11, 2011

Annual Chuck E. Cheese Valentine's Day Party

Daddy was able to work from home this morning and stay with Aidan while Asher and I went to the Valentine's Day party at Chuck E. Cheese with some ladies from church. It is so fun every year and I am so blessed to be a stay at home mommy and bring my kids to fun things like this! It was strange not having Aidan with this year though. We missed him! Asher did have a blast, ate a lot of pizza, played a lot of games, and won a lot of tickets which she used to buy candy for herself and bubby. And she also received some sweet valentine's from her friends.

Asher won 40 tickets on this game! She was SOOOOO excited!!

Remember the creepy teletubbies??

Asher on the merry-go-round

Bob the Builder

Pizza time! She ate 4 pieces of pizza which was exactly half of the pizza we ordered. I am amazed every time she actually eats since it is a rare occurrence!

She surprised me when she wanted to play the car driving game. She steered the entire time going backwards down the track but she had no idea and had a great time!
Sonic the Hedgehog


I loved the fact that she is not all about winning tickets yet. She mainly played the games you ride and loved them!

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