Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Circus

We had a wonderful time at the Ringling Brothers Circus at the Frank Erwin Center. We wanted to go to the circus last year but Asher was too little. This year the kids were the perfect age! I was pleasantly amazed that both kids were wonderful the entire time. Aidan did have to go to the bathroom once but made me run there and said "Hurry up mom, let's get back to the circus!" and wanted to get back asap. We had a great time and the circus was AWESOME! The hardest part of the night was deciding what toy Aidan wanted - I have trouble making decisions and so does our son, and thankfully Matt was the voice of reason and did not let us buy him the $18 spinning toy that would be broken in a day or two. Hopefully we will be able to go to the circus again next year.
We're ready to go to the circus! Aidan wanted to wear his animal shirt since there was going to be animals at the circus.

Me and the pretty circus lady before the show. Aidan did not want to be in the picture so he is hiding behind me.

This was Aidan's favorite part - the elephant painting a picture. We were able to go down on the floor before the circus began and this was one of the cool things we saw. Ashy, Mommy, and Aidan watching the clowns perform an act before the circus began.
Asher sat on Daddy's lap almost the entire time!

Ashy clapping at the animals.

The clowns were great! They kept the kids entertained between acts.This guy was one of my favorites. Not only was he on stilts, but he could really dance too! Man, I wonder if he has ever fallen.... ouch.

One of the elephant processionals.... the kids loved this.

Before the show they gave out plastic clown noses. This is Aidan taking a picture of me. He did pretty good!

The tigers were really neat to watch.

The elephants were awesome too. This picture is of the elephants sitting on each other which the kids thought was pretty funny. This was incredible. At one point there were 7 motorcycles spinning around at one time. It was amazing! Then at the end one of them took off their helmets and it was a girl which I just thought was pretty cool. I guess not all girls are just the pretty circus girls like in the above picture.

The lights and sound were awesome!

This was at the end of the circus when everyone came onto the stage for one last dance. We had an amazing time!!!