Monday, September 20, 2010

Winter Coats and Rain Puddles

We have been patiently waiting for the weather to be cooler here in Texas. Looking at the nightly news and seeing the weekly temps continue to be in the 90's is getting old fast though. However, last night it was a little cooler (in the low 80's) and I even slipped on a thin sweatshirt for a walk with the family. It felt wonderful! Well, since we will officially be making the big move soon (have a contract, house has started being built...), we have had to think about what we need out of storage to last us through January at Matt's parents house. With our usual trip to Illinois around Christmas we knew we would need our winter coats. So, Matt went to the storage shed today and got out our winter coats. The kids took this as a sign to wear them outside, even though it was still in the mid 80's at least... Oh, and it was raining too off and on and the puddles mixed with the jackets made for some fun play time outside. Aidan also threw in the mix playing school with Ash which he has been doing a lot lately. It is such a neat way to learn what he does every day because he is modeling his teacher. He's a great little teacher and Ash loves to be the teacher too. It was a fun afternoon in the Buss household!
Playing in the rain is a pretty big deal to Aidan... He doesn't get to do it all that often!

Winter coats and underwear - their outfit of choice today.

Fall will be here soon Aidan - I hope!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kinder, Here we Come!

Aidan started Kinder a few weeks ago. I wasn't quite sure how either one of us would do that day, but it ended up going wonderfully. Although he was a little nervous the days before starting school, he woke up that morning all smiles and in a great mood. He looked super cute too! Matt, Asher, and I all went with him to drop him off for his first day. He found his seat, put up his things, and then sat in his seat with a book to read. No tears! I was so proud of my brave little man! I guess he was ready to start school. :) I was fully expecting to be a mess with tears flowing, but since Aidan was not scared and seemed completely at ease, I was able to give him kisses and hugs and be on my way. I can't believe we are now parents of a school aged child!

I definitely miss him every day. It's just so different without him here. Ash missed him too, but I do think she enjoys having the attention and being able to talk to me when ever she wants. She has been a chatterbox! It's sweet having that time with her.

The first week Aidan was exhausted! I wanted to ask him all about his day and he wasn't having that. But as the night went on he opened up about school and told us about his day. He seemed to be much less tired from week 2 on. So far he loves his teacher and school and is being such a good boy at school!

Looking great ready to head to school.

Walking to his class.

Asher was happy to go with!

One last hug for mommy.

In his seat ready to read.

He's thinking - I'm ready Mom! Now you can go! :)