Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainbow Chicks and a Picnic

The kids and I had a fabulous day today. First we went to visit the Georgetown Farm Supply store and played with the rainbow colored Easter chicks. The kids LOVED it! I asked a lady working there how they made the chicks the different colors and she said they inject the eggs with a dye and when they are born they are a different color. How neat is that! I guess I was imagining a messy process of dipping baby chicks... :) The kids had a blast, Asher wanted to get in the pen and play with them, and Aidan wanted to give them lots of kisses and pets. They were both sweet with them.

Then we went to a park in Georgetown and had a lot of fun playing around and had a picnic lunch. I love warm sunny days with my kiddies!

My chicks and the rainbow Easter chicks.
Aidan petting a cute blue chick.

Our picnic in the middle of the basketball court. After Aidan's bad ant bites last week, I didn't feel like messing with bugs today...

Two little bus drivers

Driving the firetruck.

This was the best part. Mommy bounced on one side and they bounced on the other. They were laughing the entire time!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Karate Kid Strikes Again

Aidan is loving karate! He just finished his second session and passed his test to become a yellow belt. He has grown so much! He is now able to spar, do a round house kick and another kick I can't remember the name of, do a backfist strike, punch, dodge out of the way, stand at attention and in a right and left fighting stance, say his phone number, name the little boy who started karate (Funikoshi -sp?), name the 3 parts that make up karate (kicks, strikes, punches), tell the most important part of karate (conditioning) and what it means (getting stronger), tell what karate means (empty hands), and most importantly Aidan has gained a lot of confidence. It has been wonderful for him and he will be starting his third session next week. Here are a few pictures of his last belt test. I was one proud momma.

Patiently waiting for his belt test.
Dodging out of the way. I think there is some official name for this, but I can't remember it...
Doing his punch. Nice form buddy.

His teacher wraps the old belt up and explains to the students that the knot of the belt contains all the kicks, strikes, and punches they have learned. They are not to untie the belt or that knowledge will fall out. That is pretty cool!

Aidan proudly wearing his yellow belt.

Floating Kisses

My sweet baby boy has been wiping off my kisses for awhile now. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I usually have some type of chapstick or lip gloss on, but I'm thinking it has become almost a habit now to wipe them off. It makes me a little sad and I think he's picked up on that. Well, today he said the cutest thing that just make me melt. This was said after I gave him a kiss before nap and he promptly wiped it off. "So if I wipe my kiss off and it floats away I have air blowers on my lips and it blows it back to my lips." I love your imagination Aidan. xoxox

Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Patty's Day and Gymnastics Camp

Aidan went to a birthday party at Acrotex Gymnastics in Georgetown and had so much fun we decided to sign him up for a 3 day camp over Spring Break. This was his first ever "big boy" camp. On the first day he was really nervous, but when I picked him up on the end of day 1 the first thing he said to me was, "I want to come back for the next 2 days!" He didn't want to leave either!

Hanging on the bar.

He figured out how to hang upside down on the parallel bars.
Lifting some weighs building up some muscles! They were pretty heavy too!

Here are my little Irish redheads on St. Patrick's Day which was also day 3 of gymnastics camp.

My beautiful baby girl

Ashy so wants to do whatever brother does! Now she wants to do gymnastics like him, karate, and t-ball!

Aidan with 2 of his really nice coaches, Coach Megan and Coach Jon.

The kids were really glad to see each other! They were giggling and tickling each other the whole way home!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Campout

The weather has been so beautiful lately. We decided to have a camp out in the backyard. We had tried this last year, but Aidan was a little too scared to stay and sleep in the tent. We started the night with smores. Granted, we used a gas grill, but they tasted yummy still! They Matt and I, the kids, and our sweet Chihuahua Betty piled in the tent to watch the Frog Princess which was actually a really cute movie. Asher had to switch places a few times but all in all she was able to sit and watch the whole movie. Then Ash and I went in the house and let the boys have their night of camping. Aidan made it the whole night in the tent with his Daddy and Betty. What a big boy!
Look at the way Asher is looking at that marshmallow!
Making more smores with Daddy.

Aidan and Ashy in the tent watching a movie.

Aidan and Daddy in the tent ready for bed.

The kids in the tent in their room.

The next night I was supposed to sleep in the tent with Aidan, but a cold front, thunderstorms, and lots of rain make that a no go. So we set up a play tent in the kids room and tried letting them sleep together. Let's just say that didn't work and the loud laughing and giggling and playing around showed that no sleeping would be occurring if we let them "sleep" in the tent. So, back to the bunk beds they went. And they slept great. Maybe we'll try that again sometime too.