Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainbow Chicks and a Picnic

The kids and I had a fabulous day today. First we went to visit the Georgetown Farm Supply store and played with the rainbow colored Easter chicks. The kids LOVED it! I asked a lady working there how they made the chicks the different colors and she said they inject the eggs with a dye and when they are born they are a different color. How neat is that! I guess I was imagining a messy process of dipping baby chicks... :) The kids had a blast, Asher wanted to get in the pen and play with them, and Aidan wanted to give them lots of kisses and pets. They were both sweet with them.

Then we went to a park in Georgetown and had a lot of fun playing around and had a picnic lunch. I love warm sunny days with my kiddies!

My chicks and the rainbow Easter chicks.
Aidan petting a cute blue chick.

Our picnic in the middle of the basketball court. After Aidan's bad ant bites last week, I didn't feel like messing with bugs today...

Two little bus drivers

Driving the firetruck.

This was the best part. Mommy bounced on one side and they bounced on the other. They were laughing the entire time!!

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