Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Campout

The weather has been so beautiful lately. We decided to have a camp out in the backyard. We had tried this last year, but Aidan was a little too scared to stay and sleep in the tent. We started the night with smores. Granted, we used a gas grill, but they tasted yummy still! They Matt and I, the kids, and our sweet Chihuahua Betty piled in the tent to watch the Frog Princess which was actually a really cute movie. Asher had to switch places a few times but all in all she was able to sit and watch the whole movie. Then Ash and I went in the house and let the boys have their night of camping. Aidan made it the whole night in the tent with his Daddy and Betty. What a big boy!
Look at the way Asher is looking at that marshmallow!
Making more smores with Daddy.

Aidan and Ashy in the tent watching a movie.

Aidan and Daddy in the tent ready for bed.

The kids in the tent in their room.

The next night I was supposed to sleep in the tent with Aidan, but a cold front, thunderstorms, and lots of rain make that a no go. So we set up a play tent in the kids room and tried letting them sleep together. Let's just say that didn't work and the loud laughing and giggling and playing around showed that no sleeping would be occurring if we let them "sleep" in the tent. So, back to the bunk beds they went. And they slept great. Maybe we'll try that again sometime too.

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