Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Joys of Potty Training

Well, we decided to potty train Asher this week. She is 2 years 4 months, and Aidan was 2 years 9 months. With Aidan we really lucked out because Miss Claudia for the most part potty trained Aidan at daycare in 2 days. He wore pull ups for about 2 nights, and that was it!

Asher really is doing amazingly well in my opinion. We did not make any plans for 3 days and have been at home. Day one Ash had about 6 accidents, peed on the couch 2 times, but also went on the potty like 20 times! We went through a lot of strawberry heart shaped marshmallows, and Aidan was happy to be getting a marshmallow every time Asher did. He was really helpful and encouraging to Sissy too!

Day 2 went a little better. She only had 3 accidents, all of which involved either nap time or a #2, and still went a bunch on the potty. And the couch stayed dry too!

Today is day 3 and she is doing awesome! NO accidents as of yet!! She went down for a nap and hopefully (cross your fingers) will wake up dry. Night times we are still doing pull ups and probably will need to a little longer than we did with Aidan.

I can't say this process has been "fun" but it has actually been a little easier than I thought. I am really proud of her and happy that Aidan was able to help her out too. :)


Stefanie said...

yea asher!!!!! that's awesome!!!

SonyaAnn said...

It is always so much fun to potty train kids. My favorite is when they yell, "wipe my butt."
Thank you for sharing your progress or Asher's.