Friday, January 28, 2011

Scrabble Anyone?

I was excited to play Scrabble (the real way with some modifications) with Aidan for the first time. We have played before he started school and it was more about putting letters on the board and picking them out of the bag. Now that he can read and can spell some words, it was a lot more fun! I did help him come up with his words, but he put them on the board himself. He loved it!

A cute pair

I absolutely love when my kids do things together. It doesn't happen all that often, and sometimes it ends in someone getting upset about something, but other times it is such a sweet time to watch them! One of my absolute favorite things they do is playing dress up together. No, Aidan doesn't dress up, but he dresses Asher in her princess outfits and helps her get her earrings and necklace on. It is adorable! I don't think she could do it herself yet so it is so sweet that he helps her. And the cool thing is that he just started doing it without any prompting from us. Then Asher comes out looking super cute and says she looks pretty like a princess. Yes you do sweetie... xoxo

Ashy as Snow White

Watching a movie together
Tonight is also a big night because I am letting them both go together to a fun night for Aidan's school. I have never left Asher anywhere like that, but I feel with a big brother like Aidan, they should have a good time playing together for a couple of hours without mom and Dad. I hope they have fun!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another round of fever

Poor Aidan has missed so many days of school this year due to sickness. Nothing major, but lots of little things! Mainly fevers along with a bout or two of strep. He had a low fever last night before bed, 101 at 2am, and about the same at noon. So, no school tomorrow and a low key day at home with my kids. I do love having Aidan here, but I wish he was feeling better!
Today consisted of us all sleeping in until about 8, a little Micky Mouse Clubhouse, Captain Crunch for breakfast, watching the movie Hotel For Dogs (We all really liked it), pancakes and applesauce for lunch, then naps. I hope to get one too... Hope Asher stays healthy and Aidan feels better soon.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aidan's Science Project

Looks great Aidan!
Aidan with his blue ribbon at his school.

3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Aidan's school have to do a science project. The younger grades have the option of doing one. Aidan was really excited about it and we did a fun project about the strength of an egg. He worked so hard! He did all of the writing and the experiment himself with a little help from mom and dad on spelling and set up. He was the only one in his class and one of only 4 kindergarteners to do a project. Great job buddy!

2011 - A lot has changed!

With so much going on in our family this past year, blogging has taken a backseat. I hope to post more often, although maybe not quite as long for the sake of time, and get into the routine of blogging again (was I ever in one??) :)
Here are the major changes in our lives these days:
We are excitedly expecting baby #3 in July!!! We think it is going to be a girl - but won't find out until the end of February. Yes, it will be another A name.... No, we aren't telling until baby arrives!
We are finally in our new house! We had a great time staying with Matt's parents and are so greatful for that opportunity to spend so much time with them. It really was great. The pictures above are the kids in their new rooms the first night.

We have been so blessed and are looking forward to an amazing 2011!!!!!!!!!