Friday, January 28, 2011

A cute pair

I absolutely love when my kids do things together. It doesn't happen all that often, and sometimes it ends in someone getting upset about something, but other times it is such a sweet time to watch them! One of my absolute favorite things they do is playing dress up together. No, Aidan doesn't dress up, but he dresses Asher in her princess outfits and helps her get her earrings and necklace on. It is adorable! I don't think she could do it herself yet so it is so sweet that he helps her. And the cool thing is that he just started doing it without any prompting from us. Then Asher comes out looking super cute and says she looks pretty like a princess. Yes you do sweetie... xoxo

Ashy as Snow White

Watching a movie together
Tonight is also a big night because I am letting them both go together to a fun night for Aidan's school. I have never left Asher anywhere like that, but I feel with a big brother like Aidan, they should have a good time playing together for a couple of hours without mom and Dad. I hope they have fun!

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