Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Big Day

After a really fun weekend it was a sweet ending to celebrate your actual birthday. It was the first birthday you actually had to get up and go to school on. When you were in daycare Daddy and I always took off work to spend it with you. You were sleepy in the morning, but I think you enjoyed Sis, Daddy, and I singing you Happy Birthday to wake you up. You didn't eat much of the breakfast you requested, pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, sausage, and eggs, but you did really enjoy opening you presents! Then off to school with Daddy while he was the Watch Dog at your school for the day. Sis and I brought you boys lunch and it was fun to have lunch all together with you topped off with a cookie cake for your class. After school we had Chinese for dinner, then karate where they all sang you happy birthday, and ended the night with Maggie Moos for ice cream. A wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful you. :) xoxox

There is a smile hiding under that blanket when we sang you Happy Birthday to wake you up. :)

Very sleepy Aidan walking out to see your presents. A triangle Bakugan from Sissy! You loved it and took it to school in your pocket. A yummy breakfast!
Daddy and his favorite people in the world.
You and your sweet new ride and helmet picket out by Daddy.
Matt, Sis, and Aidan in his classroom.
Aidan's classmate Lily (who loves Asher) reading the kids and Matt a story.
Aidan in his karate uniform. He asked us how to do Hook 'Em Horns... not sure why but it was sure cute!
Topping off a wonderful day with some yummy ice cream. This made bedtime interesting - but it sure was fun.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese!!

Aidan chose to have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese this year. It was a lot of fun and actually pretty easy from the parent point of view. Asher has already said she wants her party there this year as well. :) It was neat inviting kids from Aidan's class. He also had the cousins, some of our old neighbors, and some friends from church. I think he had a lot of fun!

The kids looking cute ready to head out to Chuck E. Cheese!
Miss Ash Sasafras... :)

Aidan wearing his birthday hat.
Asher on her favorite ride there.
His Bakugan cake.
A family pic
Aidan and his friends
This means too many pictures Mom!!
His favorite party guest - Sissy. :)
Aidan getting his birthday crown.
Singing him Happy Birthday.
Getting his birthday medal from Chuck E. Cheese.
I love you son!
Cutie pie with frosting lips.
Aidan and Chuck E. Cheese.
Aidy and Grandad.
One of the most fun parts of the day - the Ticket Blaster! Aidan and Matt ended up getting over 950 tickets in the blaster making his total for the day about 1400! And Daddy had a ton of fun playing lots of games with the kids.
Watching the show.
Aidan's ticket prize - a giant orange ball that he LOVES!!!!
Aunt Katy and Lily
Robby and Aidan with their ticket prizes. Asher and her ticket prize - Fun Dip!
If you look carefully, there are 3 cousins in the jungle gym.

Lily and Uncle Matt

Cousin Time

Robby and Lily are 2 of our kids favorite people in the world to play with. They love having cousins!! Lily is one, Asher is 3, Robby will be 4 next week, and Aidan is 6. They all play really well together too! We had a pizza party to celebrate Aidan and had Matt's family over so the kids could play.

They had a LOT of fun playing with the light sabers Aunt Katy made. No one got hurt and nothing got broken!! :)

Ashy and Lily Bug
Aidan loved his cool Mighty Beanz from Grandma and Grandpa!

The kids are all playing with my brother Jake's action figures from when he was a kid. They were a big hit!

Great Grandma Gloria helping the kids do a puzzle from Aunt Katy.

Grandpa and Lily

Linda and her boys

Meme Makes It Special

I know it is hard for my mom to be far away from us, especially on the holidays. However, my kids definitely know and love her and truly think she is the greatest thing in the world!!! She has a way of making them feel special, even when she's in IL. She not only sends them special packages with toys, books, and the occasional candy, but she also has great taste and has helped us a ton with their clothes and shoes over the years. The kids know it is a Meme package because it is covered in stickers and LOTS of tape. :) I am so grateful to have a mom that is so giving!! This week she sent out Aidan's birthday box complete with presents for him to open each day and money for me to take him to get his hermit crab. He was over the moon! Ash also got a box too. Thanks Meme!! xoxox We love you!!!

Package Time!!

The first birthday present Aidan opened. He was pretty good about only opening one a day...

This night however he begged me right as I was about to turn out the lights to open just one more... He LOVED his chapter books!!!
This is Hermy, aka Swimmers, our latest pet.

The kids LOVE him.

Happy 6th Birthday Aidan!!!

You have brought so much joy to our lives these past 6 years. I can't imagine my life without you in it! You are truly the sweetest, smartest, most handsome little boy in the whole world. Thanks for letting me be your Mommy. :) Some updates on what Aidan likes these days: The color red, Bakugans, Legos, Mommy and Daddy reading him chapter books, especially Junie B. Jones and Ready Freddy, (He can read them himself too with a little help, and he is a great reader!!), Chinese food, Hot Wheels, playing in the backyard with Asher, swim lessons and karate, helping his sister practice t-ball, strawberries and blueberries, the cartoon Finneus and Ferb and the show Good Luck Charlie, days when he gets to stay home and have no plans - those are his favorite! I will do another post with all his birthday week activities, but for this post I am going to include the annual birthday pictures. I guess I started the table top pictures when he was 3.... :) Matt asked me if I am still going to make him sit on the table when he is 18, and I sad no, this may be his last year. :( He is such a big boy!!

Born perfect, entered the world with excitement....

You are 1!!

You are 2!!

You are 3!! You are 4!! You are 5!!
Happy 6th Birthday son!! xoxoxo