Monday, April 11, 2011

Meme Makes It Special

I know it is hard for my mom to be far away from us, especially on the holidays. However, my kids definitely know and love her and truly think she is the greatest thing in the world!!! She has a way of making them feel special, even when she's in IL. She not only sends them special packages with toys, books, and the occasional candy, but she also has great taste and has helped us a ton with their clothes and shoes over the years. The kids know it is a Meme package because it is covered in stickers and LOTS of tape. :) I am so grateful to have a mom that is so giving!! This week she sent out Aidan's birthday box complete with presents for him to open each day and money for me to take him to get his hermit crab. He was over the moon! Ash also got a box too. Thanks Meme!! xoxox We love you!!!

Package Time!!

The first birthday present Aidan opened. He was pretty good about only opening one a day...

This night however he begged me right as I was about to turn out the lights to open just one more... He LOVED his chapter books!!!
This is Hermy, aka Swimmers, our latest pet.

The kids LOVE him.

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