Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Big Day

After a really fun weekend it was a sweet ending to celebrate your actual birthday. It was the first birthday you actually had to get up and go to school on. When you were in daycare Daddy and I always took off work to spend it with you. You were sleepy in the morning, but I think you enjoyed Sis, Daddy, and I singing you Happy Birthday to wake you up. You didn't eat much of the breakfast you requested, pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, sausage, and eggs, but you did really enjoy opening you presents! Then off to school with Daddy while he was the Watch Dog at your school for the day. Sis and I brought you boys lunch and it was fun to have lunch all together with you topped off with a cookie cake for your class. After school we had Chinese for dinner, then karate where they all sang you happy birthday, and ended the night with Maggie Moos for ice cream. A wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful you. :) xoxox

There is a smile hiding under that blanket when we sang you Happy Birthday to wake you up. :)

Very sleepy Aidan walking out to see your presents. A triangle Bakugan from Sissy! You loved it and took it to school in your pocket. A yummy breakfast!
Daddy and his favorite people in the world.
You and your sweet new ride and helmet picket out by Daddy.
Matt, Sis, and Aidan in his classroom.
Aidan's classmate Lily (who loves Asher) reading the kids and Matt a story.
Aidan in his karate uniform. He asked us how to do Hook 'Em Horns... not sure why but it was sure cute!
Topping off a wonderful day with some yummy ice cream. This made bedtime interesting - but it sure was fun.

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