Friday, May 27, 2011

Bye Bye Kinder!!

I truly can't believe my baby is about to finish kinder. Stop growing up Aidan!! What an amazing year it has been. His shy personality really transformed when he started school. He has loved it (although still doesn't love getting up in the morning) and has learned so much! Here are some highlights from this year: His teacher was literally the best teacher in the whole school - Mrs. Dukes. She was teacher of the year, but also she was truly the perfect teacher for Aidan. We couldn't have asked for better! Aidan has made friends and seemed to get along well with everyone. He also has gotten a great mark for behavior on his calendar every single day. He is such a good boy! His Daddy has enjoyed taking him to school nearly every day and walking him to class. He also was a Watch Dog at school and helped out in Aidan's class which Aidan loved! Aidan learned to read! He now loves us reading him chapter books and is an excellent reader himself! He has loved art class and says he wants to be an art teacher when he grows up. He received awards for reading and math, Soaring Student, and the Citizenship award. He also didn't miss any days the last quarter and received the perfect attendance award. It was so nice for him to be free of sickness the last part of the year! Among many other highlights, lastly I have so enjoyed seeing Asher be a part of Aidan's class this year too. We have had many lunches with Aidan, volunteered at school, and Aidan's classmates love Asher too (especially Annie and Lily!) What a neat way for her to "see" school. Next year will be a new chapter for Aidan - new school and being a big first grader! Great job son and your Daddy and I can't wait to see what memories you make next year!

Aidan (with his biggest fan) getting a Six Flags Reading Award and his Perfect Attendance award.

The present we made for his teacher. He painted the pot and I wrote, "Thanks for helping me grow!"

He wanted a picture with all of the dogs on his last day. Here's Betty...

And Fonzie...

And Max!

My big boy (wearing his swimsuit because they have water day today) on his last day of kinder!!

Aidan and his Daddy getting ready for the last trip to school. We love you son!!

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