Saturday, June 11, 2011

Waiting for Daddy

Matt was out of town this week from early Monday morning until dinnertime on Friday. We really miss him when he is gone! The kids and I kept plenty busy though - we went and watched Great Grandma play the piano, Aidan has his last karate practice, went out for ice cream, saw a movie, played at a friends house, went swimming, went to swim lessons, and even managed to clean the house some and make a couple of trips to Walmart for groceries. We were tired - but we survived and even had lots of fun together. But, we really missed Daddy. When he was getting close, the kids and I decided we wanted to look nice for when Daddy got home. I decided to finally put on some makeup (probably the first time all week), I let Ash put on a little makeup and she brushed her hair and put some mousse in it, and Aidan decided to dress up and make his hair spikey. Then the kids made signs for the door. We are so glad you are home Matthew!!

Watching Great Grandma play the piano

Aidan at his last karate class doing a "flying kick"

Maggie Moos (Ash has not wanted to be in many pictures lately...)

Bath time!! They were wanting to look like Santa.

Aidan all dressed up with his sign that said, "I love you dad. I really missed you. From Aidan B. to Dad." Asher's sign said, "Miss Daddy, love you."

Glad you are home honey!!!!

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