Friday, August 12, 2011

My Royal Kiddos

I LOVE when my kids play sweetly together. Just love it. Today was one of those fantastic days - not the day where the house was clean, or the dishes were done, or I ever had time for a shower, but a day where I played a ton with my kids and they played great together. I don't seem to have those types of days very often and truly cherish them when I do. The kids decided to play King and Princess and Aidan helped dress Asher up and put on his own red cape. They dubbed Abbott their Prince son, Max was the evil dragon, and I was the "Royal Grandmother" (not sure how I feel about that last title...). They happily played for hours.

Bye Bye Tooth!!

Aidan lost his very first tooth last night! It has been loose for awhile and he has be waiting and waiting for it to fall out. He's been wiggling, eating apples, brushing really good, and having his Daddy try to pull it out. Well, last night after brushing his teeth he can in and said that it was "pushed forward". It definitely was, mainly because it was literally hanging on by a thread! Matt immediately went over and said, "This one's mine!" and gently pulled it out. Aidan was elated!!! And the tooth fairy came too!

One tiny tooth. :)

The happy crew.

Daddy pulled it out!

One proud Sissy.

Look at that little hole!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Boy

Abbott has been working on giving smiles lately. We are loving it!! He gave his Daddy a real smile for the first time yesterday, and today he was giving out lots of smiles to Aidan and Daddy while sitting on the couch. I love when he is this happy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

One Month

Happy One Month Birthday Son!! I can't believe it's one month already. You bring so much joy to this family!!! xoxox

Daddy and Abbott - One Month Old

1 month already? Seriously - where has the time gone? Here is what Abbott Jacob has been up to...

  • He rolled over from stomach to back on his 2 week birthday - and the neat thing is that Matt, me, and the kids all saw it. :)

  • He smiled for the first real time yesterday.

  • He love his baths and never cries when he gets them. He hates getting his diaper changed and cries every time.

  • He is a great eater - and likes to eat a lot.

  • Schedule, what schedule? We haven't attempted any type of schedule yet.

  • He still sleeps a lot during the day and usually have an hour or two of wide eyed awake time in the middle of each night. He has some awake time during the day too.

  • He is not a big fan of his paci which is completely different from his brother and sister.

  • He doesn't seem to love to be swaddled either. Sometimes a loose swaddle or leaving an arm out seems better. He also seems to sleep much better on his stomach, although we don't like to do that too much. Asher was the same way.

  • We guess he weighs around 9 pounds but aren't too sure.

  • His brother and sister love him so much! They both want to hug, kiss, and hold him right when they wake up. They are wonderful with him!!!

  • He has a very very loud cry.

  • He seems to feel calmest in the Baby Bjorn or sling. He also really likes being rocked in the chair.

  • He's now in size one diapers, but still fits in some newborn clothes. 0-3 months fit him great too.

  • We can't imagine life without him. :)

The Dog and Baby Whisperer

A couple of nights ago we had a fussy baby and a rowdy dog. Matt offered to take them both for a walk. Thanks Babe!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Smile

Abbott gave me his first real smile! He wasn't in the middle of passing gas or filling his pants, so I'm saying that it was a real I love Mommy smile. He smiled and gave me a big grin while I was playing with him and talking to him on our bed. Then I grabbed the camera and caught this smaller but still super cute smile. :) Looking forward to many more!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meme Time

My mom is awesome! She came for 17 days to help us when Abbott was born. When Aidan was born she was here to help us figure out what to do and make sure we were fed and had clean laundry. We were just trying to figure out how to be parents then. With Asher, she was so helpful with that stuff too, but was also a great playmate to Aidan during the transition to big brotherhood. This time the kids had the BEST time with their super energized playmate - Meme. They spent literally hours on the trampoline, had the best bathtimes, and just loved hanging out with their Meme. We were still taken care off with lots of sushi to eat, lots of cuddles for Asher, many diaper changes, and fun times with Mom. We so appreciate you using your vacation time to spend it with us and to help us immensely with all 3 kiddos. They loved playing with you. Thanks Momma!!We took literally hundreds of pictures this past month, so here are some of the best with the kids and their Meme. And yes - they are out of order.... :)

I love you Momma!!

SO happy their Meme is here!!!!

Our last picture before Meme headed out. She had hidden "goodbye" packages in the house that the kids weren't allowed to open until she left, which made for a whole lot less tears from everyone.

Me and my momma. I love you!

Jake and Mom.

Asher told us she was blinking, which means winking, in this picture. :)

Telling Abbott something very important.

Look closely at the extreme joy on my children's faces.

Aidan and his Grandma's.

Abbott Jacob, Uncle Jake, and Meme.


The day we came home from the hospital.

Rocking a new Abbott.

Big Top Candy Shop - we made a trip to South Congress before Abbott arrived.

Headed to church.


Max sitting like a human on the couch.

Drying Abbott off and about to get him all lotioned up and smelling great.

Their Big Brother/ Big Sister present - Happy Nappers - have arrived!!!!

Mom and her friend Gretchen who lives by us.

Relaxing time.

Friday night movie.

Cooking with Asher.

Cooking with Aidan.

Relaxing (and probably texing or Facebooking :)

Big brother time.

One happy Meme.

Me and Momma in the hospital.

Cuddling with Aidan.

Grandbaby #3 and a proud Grandma smile.

Daddy with one of the first views of Abbott.

Mom took the girls for pedicures before Abbott arrived and Aidan was a great observer.

Berry time!

Hospital Time

I'm not sure what other new moms think, but I actually enjoy my hospital stays when my kids are born. Food is delivered to my bed, diapers are changed, I know my baby is checked on and completely in good hands, I get some rest, I get to spend time with my hubby and mom, and it's just plain peaceful. I did miss my kids a ton, but I knew they were having a wonderful time with Meme. Here are a few highlight pics of first visitors and first moments...

Bubble lips

Daddy showing the kids Abbott

One amazing Daddy and his youngest son.

A very proud big brother holding Abbott for the first time. I LOVE his smile!

Ashy with a little help from Daddy holding Abbott for the first time. They had talked about this moment many times before it happened.

Daddy and his 3 kids.

Mommy and Abbott... I especially like the bright yellow bracelet they made me wear saying "Fall Risk" when I checked in because I was pregnant and off balance (that's what they said...)

Meme and her grandsons

Asher wanted to clean up brubby's bassinet with a wipe.

already looking up to his sister

Best.Doctor.Ever. - Dr. Orth :)

Uncle Jake, Meme, and Aidan with Abbott.

Daddy was able to watch Abbott's first bath.

Grandma and Grandpa Buss

Uncle Jakey, Abbott Jacob, and Ashy

Grandad and Uncle Zach.

A proud Uncle and Grandad


Grandma Buss

Lots of sweet kisses

All of us decided to watch Abbott get checked out by the nurse.

Pure big sister joy.

Doing one of things Daddy does best, combing his son's hair.

Double kisses.

One proud papa...

Sweet moments.

Another happy sissy smile.

Grandpa Buss and extreme happiness from A and A. :)

Open eyes!!

They already look so much alike!

Getting ready to head home.

Bye bye hospital!

In the car seat ready to go. Let the journey begin!