Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Little Slugger

It's long overdue since her season ended in June, but I wanted to blog about Asher's T-ball. She was on the 3-4 year old team called the Scrappers and did fantastic! Their mascot was a bulldog. She was super cute in her hot pink helmet and bat and purple and pink glove. She actually didn't seem nervous at all and for the most part really enjoyed t-ball. There were some overly energetic boys who went for every single ball hit, and Asher was pretty laid back, so we really celebrated and cheered if she fielded a ball during a game. It was a big deal. :) There were a couple of times when she didn't feel like playing - maybe she was too hot or tired - but Daddy throwing her in the air and playing around during the games/practices seemed to really help. Aidan didn't want to do t-ball this year and stuck with swim lessons and karate, but he was his sister's biggest fan. Ash did great and wants to do t-ball again, but we'll probably wait until next spring. We may do a dance class at Clay Madsen, and Aidan is going to try Cub Scouts this year.

Looking great cutie pie!

A big hit!

Aidan was waiting to run with Sis....

And they're off! (Matt almost always ran with her, but he was gone this game, and I was very pregnant, so Brubba happily filled in.
Look at that huge smile! And that super cute smile!

Ashy standing by her Daddy.

Her trophy (and her favorite - Cheetos)

Grandma and Grandpa Buss and Ashy

Ashy and Grandad.

Headed back to the car after the game.

Baseball ready!

Another giant smile at Daddy!

I love that she had #9 just like Aidan did - and that she was by far the cutest player on her team!

Practicing throwing and catching.

Practicing in the backyard with Daddy.

Great job this season Sis!!

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