Friday, August 12, 2011

My Royal Kiddos

I LOVE when my kids play sweetly together. Just love it. Today was one of those fantastic days - not the day where the house was clean, or the dishes were done, or I ever had time for a shower, but a day where I played a ton with my kids and they played great together. I don't seem to have those types of days very often and truly cherish them when I do. The kids decided to play King and Princess and Aidan helped dress Asher up and put on his own red cape. They dubbed Abbott their Prince son, Max was the evil dragon, and I was the "Royal Grandmother" (not sure how I feel about that last title...). They happily played for hours.

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Laura said...

oh so glad you had one of those days, Tiffany. :-) it truly is the sweetest and most refreshing thing to have our children playing pleasantly together and entertaining one another...really, a breath of fresh air. does a mommy heart good and I'm glad you were able to relax, play, recognize it for the blessing it was and enjoy the day :-) good for you!