Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Little Fish

The kids have grown so much in their ability to swim this year!! Aidan now does not use floaties and can swim in the pool by himself. He has a ton of confidence and I am no longer worried about him constantly. He will jump in and go completely under water, does not mind getting splashed or sticking his face under water, and loves having his goggles on. Asher is as confident as can be in her floaties. She is now sticking her face in the water and tries to copy all of what Aidan is learning in swim lessons. We owe a lot of this to Nitro Swim Center. Aidan has been taking lessons there for a few months now and has learned so much! He passed all 10 stations in Nitro one, and is now on station 5 in Nitro 2. We are going to continue through August and then pick up again next summer if we wants to continue. It has been so fun to watch them swim this year!

Enjoying some swim time before Abbott arrives.

Daddy and his fishies
Swimming with Meme.

Mommy and Aidan before Abbott arrived.

He loves his goggles!

Asher swimming around the pool.

I know you can't see Aidan here but that is what is cool about it. He now just jumps in and goes completely under. :)

Jumping in!

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