Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hospital Time

I'm not sure what other new moms think, but I actually enjoy my hospital stays when my kids are born. Food is delivered to my bed, diapers are changed, I know my baby is checked on and completely in good hands, I get some rest, I get to spend time with my hubby and mom, and it's just plain peaceful. I did miss my kids a ton, but I knew they were having a wonderful time with Meme. Here are a few highlight pics of first visitors and first moments...

Bubble lips

Daddy showing the kids Abbott

One amazing Daddy and his youngest son.

A very proud big brother holding Abbott for the first time. I LOVE his smile!

Ashy with a little help from Daddy holding Abbott for the first time. They had talked about this moment many times before it happened.

Daddy and his 3 kids.

Mommy and Abbott... I especially like the bright yellow bracelet they made me wear saying "Fall Risk" when I checked in because I was pregnant and off balance (that's what they said...)

Meme and her grandsons

Asher wanted to clean up brubby's bassinet with a wipe.

already looking up to his sister

Best.Doctor.Ever. - Dr. Orth :)

Uncle Jake, Meme, and Aidan with Abbott.

Daddy was able to watch Abbott's first bath.

Grandma and Grandpa Buss

Uncle Jakey, Abbott Jacob, and Ashy

Grandad and Uncle Zach.

A proud Uncle and Grandad


Grandma Buss

Lots of sweet kisses

All of us decided to watch Abbott get checked out by the nurse.

Pure big sister joy.

Doing one of things Daddy does best, combing his son's hair.

Double kisses.

One proud papa...

Sweet moments.

Another happy sissy smile.

Grandpa Buss and extreme happiness from A and A. :)

Open eyes!!

They already look so much alike!

Getting ready to head home.

Bye bye hospital!

In the car seat ready to go. Let the journey begin!

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