Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. Earlier in the week we had fun dying our Easter eggs. We used a tie dye Easter egg kit that my mom gave us before we had kids. I found it in our decoration box and was happy I was able to use it this year! It made neat eggs. On Saturday we went to the Round Rock Easter egg hunt at the park by our house. The kids are still in the 0-4 group and both Matt and I were able to help them hunt their eggs. Aidan even found a golden egg (with a little help from Mommy!) He won a big stuffed ducky and a wooden puzzle. He absolutely LOVES the duck and that first day he carried it the entire day. Ash also liked the puzzle her brother gave her. Aidan finding the golden egg brought back memories of my Grandpa Moore. He helped out with the big Easter egg hunt in my hometown when I was little. I remember him telling me where a golden egg was and my prize was a pool pass for the summer! On Sunday we started off the morning with Easter baskets and cherry turnovers. Then we headed off to a fantastic church service of celebration. I love our church!! When we got home it was starting to mist but we were still able to have our Easter egg hunt in the backyard with Uncle Zach, Grandad, and Nana. Then we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Buss's house to have Easter lunch and celebrate Linda's birthday. We had ham, peach sweet potatoes, broccoli salad, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, and an egg shaped cake for dessert. The kids did great without a nap and were definitely on a sugar high that wore off at the end of the night and made them pretty tired. Hope you all had a great Easter and were able to celebrate what Christ did for us!
Ready to color the eggs

Aidan is using the tie die kit.

His finished egg

Using the "grabnabber" to dip some more eggs.

Daddy with the eggs.

Ashy sweetly looking at her tie dye egg.

Then we added stickers...Aidan wanted stars and Asher picked Micky Mouse.

Me and the kids before the hunt.

A smiling boy looking for eggs.

The kids after the hunt with their goodies.

Aidan with his golden egg prizes.

Asher was playing on the playground at the park.

Can you spot two Asher's in this picture?

Easter morning

This is one truly happy little girl who loves the gum she found in her basket and one sweet smile.
Grandad and the kids ready for the Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

Do you spot any eggs?

The three stooges. :)

Ashy happy to find more eggs.

Grandad and Aidan searching for more eggs in the fort.

Ashy and the love of her life - Daddy.

Uncle Zach helping Aidan find an egg.

Aidan wearing his Easter Bunny tie and Daddy.
The kids with their baskets from Grandma and Grandpa and Great Grandma Buss.

A cute little bunny that Linda made for the kids.

Singing Happy Birthday to Grandma.

Asher and Grandpa eating Grandma's birthday cake.

A double kid hold by Daddy.

And a double tickle session.

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