Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A sweet day with Asher

Ash and I were rushing to get out of the house this morning to make it to Bible study without freezing our buns off this morning. When we got there there were hardly any cars parked and lots of prime parking spots were left so I knew something was wrong. It was cancelled.... So, since we were close to the library we decided to go in and get some books. Asher had a great time playing on the kids computers. It amazes me that she can use the mouse and "play" the games. After that we were able to go to the Valentine's party at the library which was really fun too. They read about 5 stories to the kids and then there were lots of snacks. Asher's favorites were these giant spiral Cheetos which she devoured, and the blueberries. She even got a bag of valentines. We checked out a bunch of books, Bernstein Bears being the favorites, and a few movies, Backyardigans topping that list, and headed back out to the cold. Then we decided to eat lunch together at Which Which while we waited for Aidan to get out of school for early release today. What a fun day with my girl!

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