Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Before the Easter post, here is one last St. Patrick's day picture that was so cute! Aidan was on a sugar high and had a nice blue tongue after he had his Easter egg hunt at Miss Claudia's on Thursday. Asher left early to go to the doctor so she missed it. She weighs a whopping 16 pounds, 5.5 ounces. She did have to get 5 shots though and screamed her little head off. :(

Aidan loved coloring the eggs! He also listened really well in this video...

Asher liked to hold and then drop this egg. We still dyed it though and then covered it with stickers.
They both like sitting next to each other. Asher always laughs at big brother and Aidan likes to entertain Sissy.

Doesn't this show the true joy of being a little kid? Or does it look like he is going to do something naughty??? He loved coloring the eggs!
Good morning and Happy Easter!! I can't believe the Easter Bunny came!!
Smile Sissy! Mommy wants to take another picture! Happy first Easter Sissy!

Asher and Daddy looked so cute together at church. They both look great in yellow!
Aidan had so much fun looking for eggs at our house and then at Grandads. He wasn't even as interested as what was inside, he just wanted to fill up his basket. Asher liked watching big brother.

Asher was giving away lots of smiles today. She looked so cute in her pink bunny onsie and polka dot pants from Meme. Aidan wanted to change into "soft pants" as soon as we got home from church, so on went the sweat pants.... Just like Grampy! We had a nice dinner at Grandads and Miss Gerry's and Great Grandma Buss and Grandma Buss came over too.

We had a great Easter. Aidan was a lot of fun this year and knew the real reason for Easter and also enjoyed the Easter Bunny part. Asher seemed to like to watch big brother run around and search for the eggs.

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