Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Buss Family Blog Prospectus

Here it is. The much anticipated first annual Buss Family Blog 2008 Prospectus.

Not since 2007 has there been such a strong showing of super cute kids matched with flawless blogging. Much like the economy in 2008, the Buss Family Blog did slow at times during the year. For example the time gaps between postings and postings made well after the event had taken place much like Asher's first birthday and our 4th of July vacation to Illinois that have yet to be posted. But even with these problems and short comings the Buss Family Blog made a surging move in the 4th quarter with such riveting postings like 'Black Friday,' and the dynamic story of a husband and wife who travel to Minnesota to see the Chicago Bears get a beat down from the Vikings (who lost today) in the posting 'Our Jet Setter Weekend.' With 4th quarter hits up 5 trillion percent (which will soon be the same as inflation) The Buss Family blog has set a firm foundation moving into 2009, and that is even without the posting of insanely cute pictures to be taken at Christmas that will take place later this week.

And now what you have been waiting for, The Buss Family Blog 2008 pictures of the year, as defined by Matt and Tiffany Buss co-editors of the Buss Family Blog. For those pictures that didn't make the cut this year, we thank you for your hard work and dedication. First, a few honorable mentions. Someone has to lose for there to be a winner.
If you pull this string he talks.
A giggling swinger.
Easter 2008.
Morning of Aidan's birthday.
Morning of Asher's birthday.
Aidan digging with Grandma at his birthday party. That might be the smallest shovel known to man in his hand.
Aidan in the bluebonnets on his birthday.
Asher in a swing that used to be Uncle Kalebs.
"what choo taukin about lizard"
Sugar plum fairies dancing in my head.
Super Cute. She knows, believe me she knows.
The big winners...
The 3 stooges. This is a picture of Aidan and Asher with Cousin Robby at Asher's birthday party. They are all getting to the age that they can play together; not always in harmony, but together. I like Robby's concerned look in this picture. I bet he is thinking "I better check my pocket for my wallet when I get up, I don't trust this little girl next to me." Well maybe they just got robbed coming in at number 10.
Aidan making the grade at number 9. These two fit together, just let me explain... For the last 2 1/2 years (minus this school year) Aidan attended daycare at Casa Sesamo owned and operated by Claudia Flores (see above). Tiff and I were very blessed to find her after our first daycare provider abruptly closed on us when Aidan was about 6 months old. She is amazingly patient and Aidan really learned a lot while he was there. We never worried about him and knew that he was loved while he was at her house. Of course Asher goes there now. The first picture you may recognize as Aidan's first day in the TWC program at Tiffany's school. He really enjoys it and has grown a lot in the last 4 or so months.
A 3-way swim off

Paddling in at number 8 is Aidan in the pool. Aidan took a huge leap this last summer; he became very indepedent in the swimming pool. Before he was very clingy and nervous around the water. This summer he made the turn, along with some water wings, and started swimming around on his own. These three pictures (starting from the top) are Aidan with Uncle Kaleb, Uncle Zach, and Daddy. It will be interesting to see how he does this summer.


Little Ham number 1 sets the bar high at number 7 with this silly face. Aidan has turned into quite the character and has a hefty arsenal of goofy looks for the camera. If I had a dollar for every picture of a goofy Aidan face I could probably buy a Starbucks.


New style of pacifier? Crazy new medical device to straighten out your infants gums? No and no. A little cymbal from a box of percussion instruments? Bingo! Little Ham number 2 goofing into the number 6 spot with her make shift paci. I guess it was better than trying fit the tambourine into her mouth.


Lounging in at number 5 (mainly because it is Meme's favorite number) is from our trip over the 4th of July to Illinois. We all know about kids and large boxes, and Meme was well aware of that fact and saved this box for Aidan to play in (much like the trampoline box that was a boat in her backyard). Aidan loves playing with Meme especially because she can fit into all the places he can.


Flying in at number 4 from Aidan's 3rd birthday. Along with the other things we did on his birthday, one was flying a kite at Old Settlers Park near our house. We like this for it's artistic flavor as well as watching a child with the simple joy of flying a kite.


A great picture of Tiff and the kids. Tiff with a glowing motherly smile, Aidan with an 'I'm too cool to smile' frown, and Asher with the 'I'm still a baby what in the world are you doing' look. You're in with Mommy and Brother at number 3 Asher, that's what.


This is a great picture of Asher. We were playing around the house one day and she got a hold of these glasses. I put them on her and she kept them on long enough for a great picture. Super cute plastic sun glasses - less than a dollar; Tie-Dye outfit from Meme - free; Smiling little girl rounding out number 2 - priceless.


This is one of the earliest (maybe the first) picture of the two kids together smiling as brother and sister. It is one of our favorites and was taken early in the morning before heading off to daycare and school; a time that is very chaotic now. It amazes me that this photo came out so great given the circumstances, and that is why it gets the top spot for 2008.

We hope you have enjoyed this look back at 2008.

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WONDERFUL!! BRAVO!!! GOOD JOB!!! Time well spent, my friends!! Loved the pic's and the commentary. Have a happy Christmas and a fabulous 2009!