Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Day With Great Grandma Buss

Matt's Grandma Gloria is a wonderful piano player and has been playing since she was a little girl. Someday I would love for my kids and I to learn to play too, but for now we get to listen to Great Grandma play at the Georgetown hospital the first Monday of each month. The kids really enjoy it and so do I. As they have gotten a little older they have also gotten braver. The first time we went awhile back the kids pretty much would walk by and peek, or Aidan would stand next to Grandma for a minute. Now, both of them are sitting on the piano bench next to her pecking away at the keys right along with her. I even had to tell them to quite their "playing" down a little because you could really hear it! Great grandma got lots of hugs while she was playing too. I like to sit back and listen and sip on the great coffee they have at the lobby.

Our future piano player

Asher practicing her piano skills while Aidan gives Great Grandma Gloria a hug.

This was the best shot I could get of the kids by the beautiful Christmas tree in the hospital lobby. Too bad the outfits I picked that day didn't match!

Aidan and Great Grandma

After our holiday concert by Great Grandma we headed over to Super Salad. I love that place! It was a wonderful lunch. The kids ate some, I ate a lot, and we had a wonderful afternoon together. I look forward do doing this again next month!

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