Friday, October 28, 2011

Big changes for Abbott!!

Big changes here for Abbott this week. After really never loving his pacifier like his brother or sister, he has decided to completely stop using it altogether. We feel like we've been trying to get him to like it for awhile now, knowing it's our golden ticket to calming him down and getting him to sleep, but he wants no part of that anymore. And after really not seeming to happy to be swaddled and it really not calming him down at all anymore, we stopped swaddling too. But - it is all working out great because... he found his thumb! And he is doing a fantastic job of putting himself to sleep these days. And looks insanely cute doing so. We are super happy that little man figured out what worked for him and we are all sleeping better for it!! I guess we have mixed feelings about no paci, knowing we can't take his thumb away when we are ready for him to be done, but it was what he wanted and he let us know that! :) He is also really "playing" with his toys - batting them and reaching for them. And giving tons of smiles and coos. And rolling over while sleeping from tummy to back. Whoo - a whole lot of change!! Love him.

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April said...

I think sucking the thumb is the cutest thing! Abbott looks so sweet. We will have to keep each other posted on how to rid the thumb when the time comes.