Friday, June 20, 2008

A few of my favorite things

Aidan is now 3 years 2 months. His favorite things are his sister, reading lots and lots and lots of books, Backyardigans and Dora, pretzels, playing with the little plastic balls from gumball machines and HEB, ice cream, Legos, going swimming, and candy. He is a homebody and just loves playing at home with the family. He does great with little sister and just lights up when he sees her. Asher is now 9 months old. She looks just like her big brother and absolutely adores him. Her favorite things are playing with Aidan, smiling, fruit puffs, the doggies, her paci, putting everything in her mouth, pulling up on everything, and crawling everywhere. She seems so big already. I get the joy of being home with them this summer and we are already having a blast. Here are a few recent pictures of the kids...

Here is the Pooh train from Uncle Zach.

Father's Day 2008

Getting a basket ride from Daddy.

Reading one of his favorites.

Sitting in our front yard.

More updates to come!


Jacob said...

Putting your child in a laundry basket, which could lead to you putting them into the washer/dryer, is bad parenting.

meme said...

Hello....You and Tiff use to sleep in the laundry baskets....