Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aidan's very belated 3rd birthday

Yes, Aidan's birthday has come and gone (April 11) - but we still want to share pictures of that wonderful day. I can't believe our firstborn is already 3!!

Aidan's 1st Birthday
Aidan's 3rd Birthday
Matt and I have started a tradition of taking off work for Aidan's birthday (and will for Asher's also). We spent the day with mostly just Aidan and had a wonderful time.
Good morning son! Happy Birthday!
Opening presents - and one of Aidan's favorite books - How Does a Dinosaur Play with His Friends.
We went to Old Settler's and took some pictures in the bluebonnets and then Aidan and Daddy flew a kite.

Aidan loves Maggie Moo's!! He got that from his Uncle Kaleb! His favorite is strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and gummy bears.
We celebrated with a little cake at home.We went to the Express game with Grandad and Miss Gerry. Taking our picture with the cow at Dell Diamond was HUGE!! Before this day, Aidan had always been petrified of Spike and any large strange looking animal or person, including Santa and the Easter Bunny. On his birthday he saw the cow and wanted us to go after him and then hug him. This was monumental!! He still is only a fan of Spike from far away, but maybe someday!
Aidan and Sissy eating cracker jacks and watching the game.
We had an awesome day with Aidan on his birthday. I like this family tradition of one on one time with the birthday child!

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Jacob said...

Within the photos I see an unsupervised child sitting on a table and an unsupervised child playing in the middle of a field, perhaps picking and destroying state protected flowers. The authorities should be notified.