Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Last month the kids took swimming lesson through the YMCA. The classes met at Dell Diamond so they were close for us. Asher did very well and is taking to the water much better than Aidan did. Aidan has really changed this summer. He is now swimming on his own with arm floaties. Gone are the days of him clinging to us the whole time in the pool. Here are a few pictures and videos of their classes. Asher's class was a 'Mommy and me' class. Aidan was on his own with some support from Uncle Kaleb.

Aidan and Uncle Kaleb sitting on the side of the pool

Aidan waiting to jump in.

Aidan going for some rings.

Tiff and Asher

Surfing Baby!

Hold your breath Asher!


Jacob said...

It is clear in the top picture that Aidan is afraid of the water because he sees a giant "snicker" bar floating in the water.

T Buss said...

Kaleb did jump in before the class started.