Saturday, October 10, 2009


As you well know last Monday night was a great football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the green bay packers. If you didn't, now you know. I was of course at home watching the game, but with a few added teammates. Joining me was the trio of terror (that is my new nickname for them). Caden (6 yrs), Jack Gabriel (3 yrs), and Zambia (1 yr) Tucker came to watch the game with me. Tiff had a meeting with some girls from church so I was on my own. My zone defense was put to the test. All in all the kids were good. Zambia went to sleep so she was the easiest of the 4 left (of course I had Aidan and Asher with me too). The 4 left all played well together and there was sharing as far as the eye could see. Having the 4 kids to watch while I was watching the game helped out. Instead of watching every play and stressing about whether or not Minnesota was doing good I just saw the big plays when they happened. I didn't actually sit down to watch the game until the end of the 3rd quarter or so. In the end the Vikings were victorious and I put the beat down on some babysitting.

Here is the crew.

Caden and Aidan working on a puzzle. With a couple pieces left to go Caden said "Aidan, we rock this puzzle."

Asher and Jack Gabriel baking some cookies. At least they weren't baking brownies.

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