Friday, September 2, 2011

Express Game

With the incredibly hot summer, we have had pretty much no interest in going to a baseball game. We decided to go to the last regular game of the season as a fun night with the family before school started. It actually ended up being really fun and not to hot! It helped we were able to hang out in the Intel club to keep Abbott cool for his first baseball game and even sat in one of the suites for awhile. We were worried about Abbot being hot, but I think we were all cooler than expected! It was a lot of fun and the kids even ran the bases with Daddy at the end of the game! A great time!

Train time before the game.

Aidan and Spike. Ash wouldn't take any pictures with the mascots. :)

The tooth from Carus Dental. How fitting that Aidan had just lost his teeth!! He was so excited to see the tooth!

Hook 'Em!

The sky doesn't even look real.

Abbott enjoying the game with Mommy.

Daddy and some cuties.

Pops and Zach

Looking pretty cozy for his first ever baseball game.

Great view!

2 tired but very happy kiddos after the game.

A great night of family fun!

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