Saturday, March 21, 2009

Go Aidan!!

I have to brag on Aidan. I was so proud of him tonight. We went to the carnival at Dell Diamond which was a money pit but still a fun time. Aidan and I had seen the Farris Wheel earlier in the week and had talked about going on it. When we got there we bought tickets and Aidan was pretty excited. Unfortunately, when we got in line and he looked up, way up, he no longer wanted to go and instead wanted to go on the flying helicopter ride. After trying a little to change his mind, we decided to go on the helicopter ride after all and Aidan had a blast on it! He was steering and pulling the bar to lift it with a big huge smile on his face the whole time. I was feeling a little sick from the ride, but that one was OK. Asher and Daddy watched us the whole time and Daddy said Asher was letting out huge belly laughs when she saw us go around each time. It was really fun!
Now here is where the bravery comes in. There was this barn ride that went up and then spun and moved all around. It was more for older kids, but Aidan spotted it and wanted to ride it. I thought 2 things would happen: 1 - he would get up the the actual ride and then change his mind and want to do something else or 2 - he would get on and then start crying and want off. Well my amazing son did neither. He rode the whole thing and had a great time! I was so proud of him! He also did not get sick or did not tell us he was feeling sick although I was by that point not feeling to great. It was super fun! My little boy is going to be my partner in all the rides someday and Daddy will be cheering us on from the ground with little sis.
Now after all of this excitement we had a royal meltdown when we got home because of 2 little kids who were up way to late with 1 not having a nap today. Both were screaming, neither wanted to go to sleep, one of those what can you do but kiss 'em goodnight and close the door moments. Within about 2 minutes Aidan was out. Asher on the other hand has been crying and wanting water about every 5 minutes and is doing so right now. Aidan used to want the water a lot too, but he was older when he started this...
Aidan, mommy's so proud of you son. XOXOXO

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