Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break

Tiff and the kids are off this week for Spring Break. So when in Rome; I took off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week as well. We didn't have big plans for anything, just spending time together and doing a few things around the house.

On Monday Tiff took the kids to Jungle Java, an indoor playscape where we are going to have Aidan's birthday. It's a little hard with Asher because she wants to go everywhere brother goes but she could really fall in some places. So Tiff got a good workout being her shadow.

On Tuesday Tiff and the kids played while I was working. She dressed our little leprechauns in green in honor of St. Patrick's Day (after Tiff remembered, so that is why there are 2 different outfits on the kids.) Note that Asher is wearing the same dress as last year, size 6 months, but this time it is a shirt. Asher worked on a little fishing (see the video below), Tiff had her triathlon class that evening so I had the kids running wild (see the second video below), and the kids continued to run wild after she got home (see the third video).

Wednesday was a big day. The kids had their first dentist appointment. Aidan was actually excited about it. We had been talking it up to him for about a month and it paid off. He was a little nervous but in the end did great. The dentist had the kids sit on Tiff's lap and then lean back with their heads in her (the dentist's) lap. She said they both looked good but that we needed to start flossing.

Aidan and Asher after the dentist holding their new toothbrushes.

After the dentist office, Tiff had to take Asher to the doctor to get a shot left over from her well check last week. I took Aidan to the movies to see Bolt, but we didn't stay for the whole thing. He did sit in my lap for most of the movie. While we were at the movies Tiff and Asher went to the store and picked up some flowers to put in the flower beds. When I got home with Aidan, Tiff viciously put me to work digging up grass for two pumpkin plants.

Little Miss Sunshine holding some sunshine.

Asher exercising her green thumb.

Thursday Tiff got up with Asher and they worked on blueberry muffins. She had made "dirt" with Aidan the day before, so it was Asher's turn to cook. The difference between the two when it comes to cooking is that Aidan likes to help for short amounts of time, but then he usually skates out early and does not like to get his hands dirty. Miss Asher wants to do everything, even crack the messy eggs! She helps until the very end too which Tiff said was really cute. When Aidan and I got up we all went outside and watered the new flowers that Tiff planted the day before. For the rest of the day we all hung out together playing and having fun.

More fishing.

So here it is Thursday night and the countdown to Monday begins. I think baking cookies are the big plans for tomorrow. I'm sure there will be a few more pictures to share when all is said and done. Enjoy what's left of Spring Break.

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Lucy said...

What fun!!!it is like watching Tiffany and Jacob play all over again...Thanks for sharing!xoxoxoox