Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mr. Chatterbox

Happy 30th Birthday Matt!!!!!! You look better than every and I love you so so much!!

Also, happy birthday Grampy! I still think it is neat that Tom and Matt share a birthday...

We celebrated this weekend with a stay at a bed in breakfast in Austin, The Mansion on Judges Hill which was wonderful. Then we had cake and ice cream this evening. It was a fun weekend. When we picked the kids up from Grandma's house, Aidan literally talked the entire way home, which is at least 25 minutes. He comes across shy at school sometimes, but man does he have you all fooled!!

It is so entertaining to just listen to what he has to say. It cracks us up!

Here are some cute things Aidan has said lately:

"I love carrots. I chow on those carrots!"

"Can I have a drink of water please? I have a thirsty infection." (This came shortly after we were talking about Asher having an eye infection.)

Aidan -"Grandma did your dog die?"
Grandma Buss - "Yes Aidan, she did."
Aidan - "Did she go to heaven?
Grandma - "Yes, all dogs go to heaven."
Aidan - "I don't have that movie..."

Asher can now say: agua, cracker, and get down (to Fonzie when he is begging). At home she is pretty chatty, maybe not as much as Aidan was, but she is making noises and saying her words all the time. Miss Claudia asked us if she is talking at home. I of course told her yes. I guess at daycare she just takes it all in. She can understand all of the commands in Spanish and follows directions really well, but isn't talking there. It's neat to see how she is learning Spanish like Aidan did and says agua but hasn't yet said water.

Another thing we learned this weekend is that Asher is just like Aidan in that she doesn't like attention on her. She was saying or doing something, I can't remember which, and I clapped and looked at her. She threw down her little lamb and gave me a face that said, don't look at me mom! That is so Aidan....

I love you both and love to watch you unfold! You bring Daddy and I so much joy!!

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Mike said...

Fun stuff. Keep up the good work.

mike and nance