Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to Seaworld

Matt and I took the kids to Seaworld again as a little celebration for Asher's birthday (although she has no idea it is almost her birthday!) It was a lot of fun. We didn't feel like we had to see everything this time. Instead, we went back and visited our favorites. The sharks are always so cool to watch. Aidan was asking why they didn't just eat the fish in the tank with them and I told them because the fish that were in there with them were too big.... I don't know why! He thought that was a good answer though. We also visited the penguins which are super cute. Both of the kids were big fans of the penguins. I think it is neat to see the snow in the exhibit. We definitely had to feed the dolphins which were really playful this time and splashed the camera and me pretty good! The Shamu show was pretty interesting. About halfway through the show the whales stopped doing any tricks and the show stopped. They were just swimming around the pool. Then a trainer came out and talked to us for about 5 minutes and explained that the whales weren't listening to the trainers, so they were not going to get any reinforcement for a little bit (no fish or treats) and the trainers were going to just ignore their behavior. We told Aidan the whales had a time out for not listening which he thought was pretty cool. Then they began the show again, but it was much shorter, and there was no audience member participation which there was last time. Interesting.... We also fed the sea lions which is always fun. Aidan loved to do that! Asher was really cute because she wanted to feed them but didn't want to touch the slimy fish.... Aidan wondered why there were no squid to feed the sea lions this time and just fish and we decided maybe the sea lions were on a diet and were only eating fish now... We had lunch at a different place and it was pretty good and were able to listen to a girl singing and playing guitar while we ate. She was really good too! After making it through the first part of the day with no blow out diapers (like last time), no toys to buy (Aidan tried but we said no this time), and no extreme heat, we went to Aidan's favorite part, the wave pool and water park. It was definitely not as hot so there was some teeth chattering and lips were a little blue, but this time we could walk on the cement without getting burns on our feet! We had a lot of fun, and Aidan is pretty independent with his life jacket on. He even floated down the lazy river several times without a tube just hanging out next to us. That was really cool to see how he is growing up! He also loved the splashy area and made me go all over in there with him and get soaked. He used to hate splashes on his face especially and this time he was having a blast and loving it! Aidan and Ashy were also cracking up on the teeter totter in the water. Super cute! Aidan and I went down the slide together while Daddy and Asher hung out on the big lobster in the pool. She was all smiles on that thing. We got out of the water when Aidan started shivering a lot, and then headed to the treat store near the exit. Candy for the kids and a piece of cheesecake for Matt and I. Yummy! Kaleb, we missed you this time buddy, and look forward to next summer with you. I LOVE Seaworld and look forward to many years of fun there, especially when Aidan and Ashy are old enough to swim with the beluga whales like Zach and Kaleb did when they were younger. Matt, Aidan, and I even may even go back in October during their fright fest... sounds fun...
If you look closely you can spot a big shark behind us.

Asher clapping at the Shamu show.Super playful and splashy dolphins.

One of the rare times that Ashy actually picked up the fish. She immediately threw it in the water instead of waiting for a dolphin to come near, but it was still quickly eaten.

Aidan LOVED feeding the sea lions. He happily fed them all of Sissy's food too since she didn't want to pick up the fish.

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