Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A look back in time - bye bye Old Town

What a different start to the school year for our family! It is quite a change from last year when Aidan was going to Together We Can at my school, I was teaching 3rd grade, and Asher was going to Miss Claudia's.

I am so proud of Aidan for finishing up his first year at a big boy school. He just loved it and learned so much! I know it is a little backwards because I would consider that his preschool and this year he will not go to school and I will be teaching him and helping him get ready for kinder. He had amazing teachers. I will always cherish being able to see his class when I took my class outside for recess, being able to visit him at lunch during my planning time, and him being able to play in my room with my kiddos before school. My kids loved him and he loved them and above all it was so wonderful to know that I could stop in for a kiss anytime I wanted! I loved being at the same place as him, and in turn missed Asher a ton every day. I'm sure both the kids miss their friends and awesome teachers, but they have been having a blast playing together. Today they were wrestling around for hours it seems.

How did Matt and I win the childcare lottery by first having Miss Claudia, Miss Elaine, and Miss Mariana at Casa Sesamo and then having 3 awesome teachers for Aidan - Miss Coker, Miss A, and Miss Mackie? Our kids have learned so much and have been so loved by these ladies and I am so grateful as a mommy for all you have done for my kiddos!

It is sinking in now that I literally get to play with my kids each day and I am still figuring out how to get any cleaning done with a 2 year old and a 4 year old wanting to play play all day! We are having a great time, especially now that we can play outside some in the mornings before it gets to hot. Fall weather, we are ready for you!

I am so glad to have a calmer school year this year, but love the wonderful memories from my time with Aidan at Old Town...
Aidan ready for his first day ever of big kid school. Man, he's a cutie!
This is what Asher looked like a year ago. It blows my mind to see how much she has grown in a year! She is now talking up a storm asking us lots of questions and telling us about everything! She is such a big girl now!

We were walking in on our first day together at Old Town Elementary.

Aidan was pretty nervous his first day. Daddy and I were there for him and I checked in on him several times.

When we first got to school I sat down with Aidan in my classroom and we read some books.

This was towards the end of the school year when Aidan and I wore matching Madagascar Rain Forest t-shirts.
During the school carnival, one of my students won the prize of bowling with Mrs. Buss. It was a lot of fun for the kids and we all had a great time. Aidan loved picking up the bowling ball and throwing it himself which made me a little nervous. He did great though!
I was able to visit Aidan at lunch almost every day. This picture tells a lot about Aidan: he is putting something small in his pocket which he has literally done his entire life, he is eating yogurt which I think he would eat for all 3 meals if I let him, and he didn't eat any of his sandwich which was pretty much the case every day.
Me visiting with Aidan on the playground.
My class went out to recess first, but if I let them stay out a little later, Aidan's class came out and they were able to play together.
Aidan and his best friend Elena on the playground.
Field Day 2009. This tattoo alone shows how much my little man grew during the year. Before he wanted nothing to do with temporary tattoos and he was really excited about this one!

Daddy walked around with Aidan's class for Field Day and was able to take a picture of Aidan winning a game of tic-tac-toe.
Aidan and some of his friends waiting in line for a water game.
He was playing a game where some of the kids had to turn the cups over, and some had to put them back the right way. I know I loved riding on those things when I was in school!

My class waiting to play tic-tac-toe on field day.
Some of my sweet girls.
And hilarious boys who chose to put the temporary tattoo on their biceps to show off their muscles...

Us before we headed out on the last day of school. Aidan and I went back up there a couple more days to finish packing up, but this was the last day with students.
This is Aidan's little area that I set up under my computer. We had all sorts of little things for him to play with, many of which were given to Aidan by my class. He played here with some of my students before school. The kids would literally ask me as soon as they saw us, "Can I play with Aidan today?"
Aidan, Ashely, Kara, Elena, and Kaden (Madi had already left)- they were Aidan's TWC classmates.
Bye Bye Miss Coker!
This is my awesome class on the last day of school, which is why my room is so bare. I had awesome kiddos and I loved teaching them!
Finally finished packing up! This was our last day of school standing on Texas. Aidan really learned a lot about the United States from the huge map painted in the parking lot.

He also liked to stand on Illinois where Meme lives.
I came outside to pick up Asher for the last time at Casa Sesamo. She had so many sweet playmates. Miss Mariana was so wonderful and I could always tell how much she loved Asher.
Miss Elaine was also wonderful. Asher was very blessed to have her for a teacher and we appreciated her so so much!

This was a picture of Asher with Miss Claudia, our childcare angel. This picture was taken before my tears started to fall. I cannot say how important Miss Claudia is to our family. She loved our children like her own and taught them so much. We will be forever grateful for the part she played in raising our children. You are greatly missed Miss Claudia but never forgotten!Playing in Daddy's shoes when we got home.
Before I know it I will be blogging about Aidan's first day of kindergarten! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

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