Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 4th! (And Baby Eve...)

Beware of belly pic! :) Here is a picture of me and the kids the night before Abbott arrived - which was also the 4th of July. We celebrated this year with a wonderful steak dinner made by Matt and his dad and enjoyed by Bob and Linda, Grandma Gloria, Mom, Jake, Me, Matt, and the kids. It was a nice peaceful evening with family. There were no fireworks due to the burn ban in Round Rock, but I was also too hot/tired to go to the fireworks in Georgetown either. So we eagerly awaited our little firework to be born the next day while relaxing at home!!

They were making hearts on my belly.

I held each of the kids for a little bit since I would not be able to hold them for awhile due to my c-section.

Holding my baby girl.

Matt and Max with matching wagging tongues.

My beautiful mom and me. She is so ready to hold that Grandbaby and very glad he waited to be born until she got here! One of the pluses of a scheduled c-section.

My handsome brother Jake.

My super handsome hubby Matt. :)

Our family of 4 the night before we become a family of 5.

The Buss crew: Grandma Gloria, Bob, Jake (honorary member) :), Me, Linda, Matt, Ashy, and Aidan.

We had a wonderful 4th of July - even though it was low key. Just perfect. :)

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