Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Morning Of...

The morning of Abbott's birth was actually very peaceful. With Aidan I remember being terrified - of the pain and of the unknown since he was my first. With Asher, since she came the night before the scheduled c-section, I felt rushed and out of sorts because labor was coming on so fast and I was thinking I was going to get a good nights rest and have her the next day. The morning Abbott arrived I was able to sleep in a little, shower, spend time with my family, then my brother Jake drove Matt and I to the hospital for our 9:45 check in time. It was a wonderful experience with lots of hugs and excitement.

Mom and I took a picture just like this before Aidan was born.

Matt, me, and the belly.

Our family, minus Fonzie who didn't want to come out for a picture, ready to grow from 4 to 5. :)

One last picture of mom and me before Matt and I left for the hospital.

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