Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Aidan!

Happy 4th Birthday son! It has been such a joy being your mommy these past 4 years. You are such a wonderful, sweet, caring, intelligent, loving little boy. Some of my favorite things you do are: Making up lots and lots of songs! I love the ones about your family. You love to rhyme and your songs always sound great. I can't wait until you and sister can do duets! Telling me you love me. It melts my heart everytime you do it, and you say it a lot! I also love it when you say "I love you this much" and you put your hands all the way behind your back. I love it when you are a great big brother to sis and share and help her. You are her favorite person in the world! I love it when you read your books you made in school. You are so smart! I love it when you wrestle around with Daddy. You too are so cute rough housing together. I also love it when you dance all around with me, Daddy, and Sissy in the living room. We all have a blast! You are the best son in the whole world and your entire family loves you so much!

Here are some highlights from your birthday:

Look at those handsome guys!

Aidan loved his new "veenoculors"

Your party at Jungle Java was a blast! That is our new favorite place! Here are some pictures of you playing with your friends and hanging out with family.

It was great that you got to celebrate with Meme and Grampy this year. They really enjoyed seeing you and celebrating with you! Grampy even made you pancakes for breakfast on your birthday!

I am so looking forward to seeing you learn and grow this year! You amaze Daddy and I every day! We love you!!


Lucy said...

What a great 4th Birthday it was!!!
Next year is 5...Aidan's and Meme's favorite number, i already am planning a huge event!!!xoxoxoxox Thanks kids for letting us be a part of Aidan's special day!! We had a blast! :)

Yankee Mama said...

So sweet! Looks like it was a great birthday! Isn't Jungle Java the best. We love it there!