Monday, May 11, 2009

We've got a really big show tonight...

Well not a big show, but big news. No, no, no. No new babies. I am realizing that we have made a huge decision for our family and we really haven't announced it to everyone through our blog. We keep running into people either in person, on the phone, or via e-mail and we have to explain what changes we will be going through.

After some family budget meetings, pros and cons lists, doubting, excitement, nervousness, and what we hope is thorough planning we have come to a big decision. We feel that this decision is what is best for our family right now and will help us step into roles that we feel we are designed for.

Did you watch the 8 hour finale of The Celebrity Apprentice last night? It was hours of blah blah blah and then at 9:59 Trump announced the winner. Ridiculous. What kind of person would drag on an announcement that people are waiting on the edge of their seats for. I mean really?

Tired of waiting?

What was I talking about... Oh yes, our big news.

We have decided that Tiff will be staying home with the kids. She will finish out this school year and will not return to work after the summer. A lot of factors came into this decision. One of the more pressing was that Aidan has one year before he starts kindergarten and Tiff was really feeling like if she didn't do it now she would feel like she (and Aidan) lost out on time together.

I definitely feel that this wouldn't be possible without the financial strides that we have made since going through Dave Ramsey's course Financial Peace University. I highly recommend it to everyone. It doesn't matter if you are doing well with money or up to your ears in debt, you will get something out of the class. It has been a great blessing to our family and the fact that Tiff and I are on the same page about our finances makes it that much better. Don't be like Congress, don't spend more than you make.

So the plan now is that Tiff is staying home until Asher goes to Kindergarten (4 years), and at that point we will have another family meeting and decide what we are feeling lead to do. I definitely don't want her to think that she has 4 years and then back to the sweat shop. That is a bridge that we will cross later.

Just to let you know she is very excited and nervous at that same time. She has never been a stay-at-home mom so she isn't sure that she will be able to do a good job with our kids. Who wouldn't want a teacher with a master's degree taking care of their kids for free. I know she will do an amazing job just like she has been an amazing mother while holding down a full time job.

Something our pastor said at our church men's retreat a couple of months ago lingers in my head today. "Don't make your wife go to work because you want a lifestyle you don't need." Or something to that effect. So we know we have to come to terms with not buying a bigger house within 4 years, not getting a 37" LCD Flat Screen HDTV (yes I stand in the electronics section at Walmart and dream), not buying a new car within 4 years, and having to be very diligent (and content) with what we have. If my wife feels a greater sense of purpose in doing what God designed her to do none of that stuff matters one bit.


Mind you this photo was at the end of the day on Sunday and Asher was continuing her week long tour of fuss.


Mike said...

Big Decision! Good Decision. This is the only chance like this you may every have.

Congrats on your finances - you have accomplished something that many will only ever dream of.

If more people could follow your example we wouldn't have the economic problems we have today.

I hope you know how proud we are of both of you.

All the best,

Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy

Lucy said...

Congrats to all of you!! This is a win win situation for all!! Time invested in your family is time well invested...only not enough venture down that path for fear of achieving less things. The only "things" you can bring with you to Heaven are your family and friends.
So Celebrate being a stay at home Mom and enjoy those wonderful kids!!!
Know that we will always be here to support you and help you if ever needed.
We love You All Best!!xoxooxoxo
Mom and Tom

Jacob said...

You are running a high risk of going 1 month without a new post. Borrring.

Barie Sue said...

I just finished giving Keith a ribbing for not having told me this really big news when he found out - I am almost getting teary over this - Matt, what first came to my mind after reading this blog was that you leading your family towards this decision is such an awesome picture of sacrificially loving your wife like Eph 5 talks about. Tiff, I am just so excited for you - if you want some inspiration for being a stay at home mom, read "The Mission of Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson. It's really good - I read it when Kade and Kamden were little and am in the process of re-reading it now. Love you guys!