Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meme and Grampy's visit

The kids were so excited that Meme and Grampy were coming up for a long weekend visit. Aidan talks to Meme on the phone almost every day, and has been eagerly awaiting a visit! It was a really great weekend. It sure felt a lot longer than a few days because we enjoyed a lot of fun, stress free times together. We even split up and did boy/girl things together which is really cool with one of each!
They arrived late Thursday night and Aidan and I made the trip to the airport. It was very late, but Aidan was a trooper and not at all grouchy! I thought he would fall asleep in the van on the way there but he was way too excited. On the way home he and Meme were total chatterboxes and didn't stop visiting the whole way home!
Thankfully Asher stirred some after we got home and I was able to go get her out of bed for a little cuddle time with Meme and Grampy. She was pretty happy too and went right to Meme and Grampy both without any hesitation.
Meme enjoying cuddling with a very sleepy Asher and an excited Aidan.

The next day Meme and Aidan played in the coffeehouse/fort/pirate ship and had a blast. They had such a sweet time playing together. They loved playing with Aidan's new birthday treasure chest from Grandad and Miss Gerry. They would throw the jewels out of the treasure chest onto the ground to keep the "bad pirates" out. Only the good pirates were allowed into the pirate ship!

Aidan, Meme, and Miss Gerry

Asher also had a great time playing outside. She is actually wearing one of Aidan's shirts and looks super cute!

Dad and Tom catching up in the backyard...

Friday morning we went out to breakfast at one of our all time favorite restaurants, The Monument Cafe in Georgetown. Grandma and Grandpa Moore loved this place and our whole family does too. It is the best and brings back great family memories!

Meme of course loved the bathtime and turned it and lotion time into a big huge laughfest. The kids love baths by Meme!

Friday night the boys went to a Round Rock Express game. They had a great time hanging out together and eating good food. The girls and our family friend Gretchen went to Maki for yummy sushi and then to Whole Foods. In our opinion it was the perfect night, but I bet the boys were glad they didn't have to tag along to that one. Sorry, no pictures! However, the girls ended the night watching the fireworks at Dell Diamond from our top balcony. Meme's animated reaction to the fireworks again had Asher cracking up!

Saturday morning Meme and Grampy had a fun time playing with the kids both inside and out. Some highlights were the sleeping bag hide and seek sessions and playing with Aidan's new scooter from Uncle Rob, Aunt Katy, and Cousin Robby.
I couldn't get them to stop moving long enough to take a picture so it is blurry!

Saturday was party day and went really well! I just love Jungle Java!

Aidan in a grandma sandwich...

After Aidan's party we went to see the Clydesdale horses at Dell Diamond. Actually, all we saw were their butts since it was dinner time and their hay was in the back of their stalls...
Another blog about Easter will be coming soon!!! Here is a preview of Tom's Grandma's eggs in a nest treat that he made with Aidan. They were yummy!


Lucy said...

Oh what FUN we had!!!!Being a Mom is great...being a Meme is fabulous!!! Thanks again Kids for letting us share in your lives and the lives of my precious Grand babies. xoxoxoox
I love all of you best:) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Mike said...

Made me smile!!!