Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday Surprise

Last Saturday morning we woke to a surprise. Tiff saw it first as she was getting ready to go biking. We snatched Aidan out of his bed to show him and he said 'Wow.' In the field behind our house was a hot air balloon. I mean it was right there. After we showed Aidan from our bedroom window on the second floor we went outside to take a closer look. When we got outside there wasn't only the one in the field but five in all heading south to north. One balloon went by close enough that they said good morning to Aidan and I and we didn't have to yell to say good morning back to them. Here are some pictures and a video from the event.

Here is the first balloon. Objects in this picture are closer than they appear.

These three were behind the first one.

The checkered one had the people who said hello to us.

Here they are making their exit.

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