Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Amazing Wife...

As some of you know Tiff competed in her first triathlon today. She did the Danksin Triathlon in Austin. She was a bit nervous but looked calm before she hit the water this morning. Aidan and I hoofed it to find her before she started and scrambled to all the transition areas to see her in between events. She did awesome! It was great to be able to be there and cheer her on. I know a lot of you would have been there for her too if you lived here, so we cheered for you. Aidan would yell "Go Momma Go, Go Momma Go" whenever he would see her (with the occasional "Go Tiffany Go"). He did great also considering all the running around we did. The kicker at the end was the 2 mile walk back to the car.

All and all Tiff did a great job and really enjoyed it. Her total time was 2 hours and 17 minutes which included two 5 minute transition times. I am working on a highlight reel for your viewing pleasure. It will be posted soon.

Here we are before she got in the water, so this was about 7:30 this morning. The little yellow matchbox car in Aidan's hand was his entertainment for several hours.

"What's that? Mommy's riding 12 miles on her bike? I think I'll have an ice cream cone"

Here are Tiff and Aidan at the finish line. She promised to put her medal on him when she finished.

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