Friday, June 19, 2009

A conversation with Asher...

Asher is becoming quite the chatter box. Her favorite things to say (or ask) are "What's that noise" and "What are you doing." The noise question comes up everytime there is something outside like a car or lawn mower. Now obviously these need a little translating to understand, but she knows what she is asking and we know what she is saying. Aidan helps translate for her sometimes. My brother did that for me and I'm sure Tiff did it for her brother Jake (which was probably her just saying what she wanted Jake to say). It is great to watch Aidan and Asher interact more and more. Unfortunately there is a lot of fighting over things due to the inability to share. They have also gotten into the habit of wrestling every once and a while. It is great fun. Asher really knows how to use her weight while Aidan tries to use his strength. It usually goes well until someone gets a 'boo-boo.'

Here are a couple of videos of Asher last night at the dinner table.

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